China News Service, Wuhan, October 26 (Wu Yili) A reporter learned from the Wuhan Marathon Organizing Committee on the 26th that 296,000 runners have completed the event that failed to be held as scheduled.

  The 2021 Wuhan Marathon, originally scheduled to be held on October 24, was postponed 3 days before the start of the race due to the epidemic.

  "Although the event is postponed, the love and expectation for Hanma remains unabated." A participant from Hangzhou completed the "one-person marathon" after running 75 laps in the Hangzhou Sports Center through an online competition.

  Not only the marathon, but the 12th China International Service Outsourcing Trade Fair, the 19th Central China Book Fair, and the 2021 Wuhan Fashion Week, which were originally scheduled to be held in Wuhan in the near future, have also been postponed.

  Affected by the epidemic, in the past few days, many large-scale marathons in China have been postponed.

  According to official news from the Chengdu Marathon on the 25th, the 2021 Chengdu Marathon originally scheduled for October 31st will be postponed to November 28th.

As the gold medal event of the Chinese Athletic Association, this is the fifth event of the Chengdu Marathon. This year the number of participants will reach 35,000 and the total prize money will reach 730,000 yuan.

  The 2021 Hangzhou Marathon originally scheduled to be held on November 7th also issued an announcement: Recently, some areas in China have experienced epidemics to varying degrees. At present, the epidemic prevention and control department of the organizing committee is evaluating the epidemic prevention and control work in and outside the province. Make a relatively rational judgment about a week before the game.

  After being cancelled for the first time due to the epidemic last year, the 2021 Beijing Marathon Organizing Committee has recently officially announced through the official website that due to the recent occurrence of multiple local confirmed cases outside Beijing in Beijing, the 2021 Beijing Marathon originally scheduled to be held on the 31st of this month has been postponed. Held.

  In addition, the reporter found out that more than ten events including Shandong Linyi Marathon, Zibo Marathon, Hohhot Women's Half Marathon, and Tangshan Marathon have also been postponed.

  Long-distance running enthusiast Zhang Xuan signed up for the Wuhan Marathon and Shaoxing Marathon this year.

Upon receiving the news of the Wuhan Marathon postponement, he frankly said that he and his runners are inevitably disappointed.

Zhang Xuan said that he hopes that the epidemic will dissipate, the marathon will restart, and the great rivers and mountains of the motherland will be run.