To the chagrin of the club, SC Cambuur is not allowed to bring supporters to Amsterdam on Thursday for the cup match with the amateurs of Ajax.

According to Mayor Joyce Langenacker of the municipality of Ouder-Amstel, the infrastructure of sports park De Toekomst is not suitable for high-risk competitions.

"During the preliminary consultation between SC Cambuur and Ajax on October 7, it was announced that the Amsterdam police had issued a negative advice to the mayor of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel about taking supporters with them," Cambuur wrote in a statement on Tuesday.

"The substantiation that was given for this is that the infrastructure of De Toekomst is not suitable for high-risk competitions, added to negative experiences from the recent past. As far as we are concerned, a very thin argument, especially given the fact that in recent seasons we have played without any problems. have been a guest at Jong Ajax at De Toekomst sports park."

Cambuur has made the objections to the decision known to the municipality, but there was no response, according to the Frisian club.

"Until late yesterday afternoon, so there is now no time to talk to each other and come to a constructive solution."

To show solidarity with the supporters, "a minimal delegation" will travel from Cambuur to Amsterdam on Thursday.

The kick-off at De Toekomst is Thursday at 6.45 pm.

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