Jürgen Klopp put on his broadest laugh and couldn't stop waving to the fans of Liverpool FC.

They were in exactly the same good mood as the coach.

Because the Reds had not only won at Manchester United shortly before.

They had embarrassed their arch rivals.

Already at halftime it was 0: 4 from the perspective of the Red Devils, at the end another goal was added.

And all of this in our own stadium.

Naby Keita (5th minute) and Diogo Jota laid the foundations, then Mohamed Salah (38th, 45th + 5 and 50th) made everything clear.

And Manchester's Paul Pogba also saw red (60th).

Tobias Rabe

Responsible editor for Sport Online.

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"The result is amazing," said Klopp at Sky Sports. “The players wrote a piece of football history. It's special, but we're not going to party like crazy now. ”Liverpool would have some reason to be. Especially in away games, Klopp's team currently has an incredible record: 3: 2 at Atlético Madrid, 5: 0 in Watford, 5: 1 at FC Porto, 3: 3 in Brentford, 3: 0 in Norwich, 3: 0 in Leeds, again 3-0 in Norwich - this season Liverpool have always scored at least three goals outside the stadium on Anfield Road. And that's mainly due to one player.

Salah is in great shape. The Egyptian has scored 15 goals in twelve games since August. In Manchester, too, he met a defensive defense that was full of holes. He prepared the 1-0 from Keita with a precise pass, so that the former Leipzig only had to push in. For once, he didn't have his feet in the game when he was 2-0, and then it couldn't be got rid of. He even prepared the 3-0 himself. His shot was blocked, but Salah reacted quickly, ran into position and put in Keita's cross, just like the 4-0 with a shot in the short corner. And he scored the 5-0 after a dream pass from Jordan Henderson by poking the ball past the goalkeeper.

Klopp was enthusiastic about the class that his model striker shows game after game. “He enjoys his football and I hope it will go on for a long, long, long time.” Salah's contract expires in mid-2023. The market value of Salah, which will turn 30 next June, is currently around 100 million euros. But all opponents who hope to be able to loose the striker in the summer can save themselves the advances: Salah said during the week that he would like to end his career in Liverpool. And if he goes on like this, he might even have a chance of winning the title of World Footballer of the Year.

Cristiano Ronaldo has won this title several times. But he is far from receiving another award. Although he scored a goal against Liverpool, it was previously not recognized by the referee due to a minimal offside position, according to the video images. And the Portuguese was still lucky that he didn't fly off the field. In his frustration with the course of the game, he fouled Curtis Jones and kicked the ball, which was crouching on the ground, after the referee's whistle. Pogba saw red when he fouled Keita with an outstretched leg, who had to be transported away injured.

The focus after the game was neither Ronaldo nor Pogba, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. In the stands, club legend Sir Alex Ferguson saw the debacle. And it takes some imagination that Ferguson's former player and one of his successors will continue to coach United for a long time. With Ronaldo, who came from Juventus Turin for 15 million euros, as well as the transfers of Jadon Sancho, who moved from Borussia Dortmund for 85 million, and Raphael Varane (Real Madrid), who cost 40 million, was actually the attack on the top of the table and further titles targeted.

But the situation in the Premier League is critical early on after the 0-5 disaster. There are already eight points behind front runners Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City are also quick. Even West Brom, Brighton and Tottenham have scored better. United is in first place in the Champions League, but lost in Bern and won against Villarreal and Bergamo only thanks to the outstanding Ronaldo, against the Spaniards only in the 96th minute. Against the club from La Liga, Solskjaer had also lost the final in the Europa League on penalties in May, not a fame sheet either.

The Norwegian was under no illusions. “I am sad and disappointed, also angry, and we know that we are at rock bottom. It can't get any worse, ”said Solskjaer. But giving up is out of the question, he emphasized. The coach has a lot of credit with the fans; As a former player who scored the golden goal in the legendary Champions League final against FC Bayern in 1999, he will forever have a place in their hearts. But support from supporters is also finite. When the break in the dressing room was 4-0 on Sunday, the boos were loud as seldom at Old Trafford.

Klopp showed pity for the counted colleague.

“The last thing I want now is to be in his skin.

Losing a derby is not a good feeling, I know that. You don't want to go out and answer all the questions. ”Solskjaer stood up and an hour after the final whistle had rediscovered his desire to fight for the job.

“It's the worst feeling ever and I am responsible.

But I believe in myself. ”It will soon be seen whether the club's management will also do that.

On Saturday it goes to the game at Tottenham Hotspur.

With Solskajer?