The domestic opening round of speed skating this season, the All Japan Distance Championship, was held on the final day of the 24th, and Miho Takagi set a new record of 1'54.59 at 1500 meters for women, 6 I won the championship in a row.

Takagi has achieved three crowns in this tournament.

The All Japan Distance Championship of Speed ​​Skating

was held on the last day of the



at M-Wave in Nagano City

, and among them, 1500 meters of women won the silver medal at the Pyonchan Olympics as the world record holder of this event. Takagi participated.

In the first half of the race, Takagi couldn't get up to speed and passed 700 meters in the fourth time of the whole, but in the second half he kept the lap with his endurance and set his own tournament record at 0.22 seconds 1 minute 54 Finished in 59 seconds.

Takagi won the tournament for the sixth consecutive time in this event, and achieved three crowns, including 1000 meters for women and 3000 meters for women.

After the race, Takagi said, "I wasn't sluggish or moving, but I didn't have the momentum for my physical condition. If I'm in my current condition, I have to aim for a better time." I vowed to level up.

And for the World Cup, which will be competing for the first time in two seasons from next month,



looking forward to skiing with foreigners

for the first time in a

long time, but I


worried because there is a blank. I want to prepare my body well. I was talking.

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