Victor Nilsson Lindelöf is in the starting eleven when Manchester United faces Liverpool in a heavyweight meeting at home.

But the Swede and his teammates are having a hard time so far.

It took no more than three minutes before Liverpool's unstoppable offensive played through an awkward United defense to a free-kick Naby Keita, who could put in 1-0 for Jürgen Klopp's men.

Next goal?

It came eleven minutes later.

The red-clad men seemed to be mentally in the world of dreams and out on the lawn they did not seem to want to be.

Once again, the back line was on the heels when Trent Alexander-Arnold beautifully served Diogo Jota to 2-0.

It does not stop there.

38 minutes into the first half, it was time again.

Company Keita / Salah found each other again - this time in reverse order.

Keita played until the outside striker who could only put in 3-0.

The match is in progress.