On the 24th, the women's Keirin final was held in France on the 24th of the world championship of the bicycle track event, and Mizuna Sato, 22 years old, who participated for the first time, won the silver medal in this event for the first time among Japanese women.

The world championship of the bicycle track event held in Roubaix, France, reached the final day of the tournament on the 24th, and 22-year-old Mizuna Sato from Kanagawa Prefecture participated in the women's Keirin.

In the semi-finals, Sato won the second group in 3rd place and advanced to the final.

In the final, he was second from the start and kept his position in the final game, winning the silver medal in his first appearance.

This is the first time a Japanese girl has won a medal in this event of the World Championships.