On the 24th, the Danish Open, an international badminton tournament, held various finals.

The Japanese team won the third event in total, including the mixed doubles in which a pair of Yuta Watanabe and Arisa Higashino, who won the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics, participated.

Momota loses in the final

The Denmark Open of badminton was the first individual match after the Tokyo Olympics, and the Japanese team advanced to the final in the fourth event except the women's doubles.

▽ In the mixed doubles, the pair of 5th place Watanabe and Higashino who won the only medal in the Tokyo tournament played against the 3rd place Thai pair in the world.

In the first game, Watanabe scored various shots from behind, and Higashino showed a quick attack on the net and took 21-18.

The second game was also overwhelming with 21 to 9, and won the straight victory with a game count of 2 to 0.

▽ Men's singles ace Kento Momota, who is No. 1 in the world, played against local Danish player Viktor Axelsen, who won the gold medal at the Tokyo tournament in No. 2 in the world.

The game was entangled until the final third game, but Momota dropped this game 12 to 21 due to repeated mistakes, and after the Olympics, the first individual game was runner-up.

▽ In the women's singles, Akane Yamaguchi, the 5th largest player in the world, played against a Korean player.

In the final game, when he was leading 16 to 5, he won the championship because his opponent abstained.

▽ In the men's doubles, the pair of Takuro Hoki and Yugo Kobayashi won the Danish pair straight and won the championship, and Japan won the third event this year.