Axel May, edited by Solène Leroux 7:23 p.m., October 24, 2021

A day to be marked with a milestone for the motorcycle grand prix. At 22, Fabio Quartararo, became the first French world champion in MotoGP. Starting in 15th position in the Grand Prix of Emilia-Romagna in Italy, he finished 4th: he was titled even before the end of the season. Never had a Frenchman achieved such a feat.

A historic title.

To celebrate his victory, Fabio Quartararo stopped in front of the pits, roaring his Yamaha and warming the rear tire.

A demonstration to celebrate this first world title in the premier motorcycle category.

Since the creation of the championship in 1949, no Frenchman had ever entered his name on the prize list.

"I do not have the words. Honestly, I can not yet realize what we did today starting from so far away", reacts the nicknamed "El Diablo" to our colleagues at Canal +.

"We did not manage to have a really good race as I wanted, but I do not care, I am the world champion today, I can afford anything", he continued.

"One day he will be world champion"

The young Niçois praised teamwork.

"What I know is that I am the world champion and there is my family here. Honestly, I cannot be happier," he concluded.

Like a symbol, "El Diablo" is titled the day when Valentino Rossi competed at 42 years old his last Grand Prix at home.

When Fabio Quartararo was still a teenager, the star of the circuits declared that "one day he will be world champion".