Still no victory and a clash between two of its stars in the middle of a game: the Lakers are having a very complicated start to the NBA season.

The image marked everyone on Friday night.

In the loss to the Phoenix Suns (115-105), Anthony Davis grabbed Dwight Howard, before the entire LA bench separated the two interiors.

A rare and symbolic incident of the current tensions at the 2020 champion, where the mayonnaise is slow to take after almost changing the team in the offseason to erase the failure of last season.

The frustration is very great.

“We just had a disagreement on one action… We are passionate, we are adults, we fixed the problem.

These are things that happen.

He's my brother, he's my teammate.

There is no problem between us, I don't want someone to say that I am trying to cause a problem, I am not, ”Howard played down after the game.

More complete video of Howard-Davis altercation, starting from walking off the court when the timeout is called.

- Matt Petersen (@TheMattPetersen) October 23, 2021

Same comment from the coach, Frank Vogel.

“These two love each other.

I prefer them to be involved like that, rather than give a damn, he reacted.

There has been a lack of communication, and when you get your butt kicked, that sort of thing can happen.

On the other hand, the former legend of the club Magic Johnson took offense at the show.

“In 42 years with the Lakers, I've never seen something like this,” said the five-time NBA champion.

At the time of this peak of tension, the Lakers were sinking in the 2nd quarter (34-18).

And the ordeal continued in the 3rd (37-23), without LeBron James (20 points) being able to do anything, nor Davis (16 points, 10 rebounds), nor Russell Westbrook (15 points, 11 rebounds, 9 assists).

The meeting against Memphis on Monday is already shaping up to be crucial.


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