Good evening and welcome to this live blog.

Here we keep you up to date on the GLORY title fight between Rico Verhoeven and Jamal Ben Saddik.

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Verhoeven again unleashes a barrage of blows on Ben Saddik's head, who is again slack in the ropes.

He gets an eight count from the referee, but is not sharp enough after that, after which the referee ends the game.

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Round 4

- Ben Saddik smuggles some extra seconds to recover, but the fourth round has started anyway.

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End of round 3

- Ben Saddik is clearly tired and Verhoeven takes advantage of that.

The Dutchman constantly puts his fists and knee in front of his opponent's head, who hangs in the ropes after the bell has gone off.

What a comeback from Verhoeven, for whom, however, it does not all come naturally.

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Rico's head 😨 #GloryCollision3


AuthorRachidMoment of places20: 47 - October 23, 2021

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Round 3

- Verhoeven's fist makes contact with Ben Saddik's head with thunderous violence.

The Moroccan Belgian looks dazed and grins a bit, but Verhoeven clearly wants to finish it before his wound starts to play tricks on him.

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End of round 2

- The left half of Verhoeven's face is completely swollen and covered in blood.

The Dutch will have a lot of trouble with that.

He knows that too, so he goes after Ben Saddik more aggressively.

He keeps his distance for the time being and tries to hit the weak spot on Verhoeven's face as often as he can.

The defending champion is in serious trouble!

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Round 2

- A huge blow to Ben Saddik rips open Verhoeven's cheek!

The defending champion gets eight seconds to his pants but can continue.

However, Ben Saddik sees his chance and aims for Verhoeven's cut.

However, he reacts with some hefty punches to the head of the Moroccan Belgian.

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End of round 1

- Both fighters feel a bit groped in the first round.

Towards the end, Ben Saddik hits Verhoeven with a few punches on the head, almost knocking the Dutchman down.

However, he remains upright, but the first blow is for Ben Saddik.

However, the defending champion often uses the first round to see what his opponent's tactics are.

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Round 1

- We started in the GelreDome!

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When the names are announced again, it is noticeable that there is a lot of whistle at Verhoeven.

The room seems to be in the vein of Ben Saddik.

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The fight will consist of five rounds of three minutes each.

If no knockout takes place, the decision of the judges will be decisive.

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While the song


by Showtek and Justin Prime blares through the room, Verhoeven runs to the ring with his usual sprint.

The fight is about to begin.

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With a gaze that can bore through walls, Rico Verhoeven also makes his way to the hall.

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After one last fiery pep talk from his trainer, Jamal Ben Saddik enters the room and walks to the ring.

As a challenger, he is the first to be introduced to the public.

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Who is going to win?

  • Rico Verhoeven

  • Jamal Ben Saddik

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It's time for the last fight of the night.

Rico Verhoeven will enter the ring to defend his world title for the tenth time.

Jamal Ben Saddik wants to prevent that, but can the great Belgian really succeed in letting Verhoeven lose a title fight for the first time in his career?

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With two firm kicks to first the head and then the thigh of McSweeney, Saki decides the game.

He gets a hug from his good friend Badr Hari, who will soon also be an attentive spectator at the fight between Verhoeven and Ben Saddik.

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It is almost time for the highlight of the evening in the GelreDome.

As soon as the Turk Gökhan Saki and the Briton James McSweeney have been fought, the eye turns to Rico Verhoeven and Jamal Ben Saddik.

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In 2017 it went completely wrong during the staredown, when Jamal Ben Saddik spat in the face of Rico Verhoeven.

Four years later, the ruffs were more respectful of a handshake.

Verhoeven also does not want to dwell on the incident, although he does show that he still has a bone to pick with his opponent.


Verhoeven: 'It takes so much energy to stay angry with Ben Saddik'

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Benjamin Adegbuyi was also a candidate to take Overeem's place.

However, Verhoeven's regular sparring partner took on Antonio Plazibat earlier tonight and was beaten to the canvas by the Croat in the second round.


"I guess I'm just a crazy guy, that knocks everyone out."

Antonio Plazibat drops BOMBS on Benjamin Adegbuyi, sending him to the canvas twice for the second-round stoppage.

The biggest win of his career for the 27-year old Croat.




AuthorBeyond KickboxingMoment of places18: 51 - October 23, 2021

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It is striking that Ben Saddik will become Verhoeven's opponent.

The Belgian and the Dutchman have been sworn rivals since Ben Saddik spat in the face during the staredown in 2017.


Why the fight between Verhoeven and Ben Saddik is so fraught

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Verhoeven's opponent Ben Saddik only heard two weeks ago that he would face the world champion tonight.

Verhoeven was originally going to face Alistair Overeem, but he had to come back injured.

It provided a far from ideal preparation for Ben Saddik.


Why Ben Saddik's preparation for Verhoeven was not ideal

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Thanks to the achievements of Rico Verhoeven, kickboxing has been gaining popularity in the Netherlands and the rest of the world for years.

Read here

about Verhoeven's career since he reached the top of the kickboxing world in 2013.

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It concludes Collision 3 by GLORY: the heavyweight title fight.

Rico Verhoeven has been the best for years and will defend his title tonight against Jamal Ben Saddik.

Can the champion from Bergen op Zoom defend his title for the tenth time, or will the Belgian giant put a stop to that?

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