The owner of professional baseball giant Tatsunori Hara, who missed the league title for the third time in a row, requested that he take command next season and revealed that he had obtained his consent.

With a three-year contract, Hara, who is in his third year, won the league title for the second time in a row last season.

However, this season, the situation continued to be uncertain due to a series of injuries to the main players, including captain Hayato Sakamoto.

In late August, he took the lead for a while, but he missed the league title for the third time in a row due to a series of defeats.

On the 23rd, the giant won the match against Yakult and confirmed the 3rd place, deciding to advance to the climax series.

After the match on the 23rd, Yamaguchi announced that he had obtained his consent by requesting Hara to take command next season as he wanted to entrust the rebuilding of the team, according to media reports.

You are considering a multi-year contract, but we will discuss the details in the future.

In addition, both have announced that they will continue to have Daisuke Motoki, head coach and Shinnosuke Abe, head coach of the 1st Army, as coaches of the 1st Army next season.

The owner Yamaguchi said, "I want the coach to win while raising the players. I asked him to raise the coach and he did his best. The relationship of trust with the coach has not changed. With the coach Hara I want you to rebuild the team centered on three people, Motoki head coach and Abe coach. "

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