At the World Gymnastics Championships held in Kitakyushu, the finals of each event were held, with Kazuma Kaya winning the silver medal and Kazuma Kaya winning the silver medal.

At the World Gymnastics Championships held in Kitakyushu City, the finals for the 3rd men's and 2nd women's events were held on the 23rd, with Minami participating in the floor and Kay participating in the floor and pommel horse.

Minami, who was in 3rd place in Yuka's qualifying, decided on the big moves of F difficulty one after another with his beautiful aerial posture from the beginning even in the final performance.

Although the landing was a little disturbed, Minami marked 14.766 and won the silver medal.

The gold medal was Italy's Nicola Bartolini, who was 14.800.

萱 was 6th with 14.533.

At the pommel horse, Kay showed a stable open leg turn, marking 14.900 with a performance with few mistakes, and won the silver medal.

萱 is the medal following the bronze medal of the Tokyo Olympics in this event.

It is also the second time since the 2015 tournament to win a medal in this event of the World Championships.

The gold medal was Stephen Nedorosc of the United States at 15.266.

Daiki Hashimoto was scheduled to participate in Yuka and Pommel Horse in the event-specific finals on the 23rd, but according to the Japan Gymnastics Association, he abstained due to pain due to inflammation of his right wrist and lower back pain due to accumulated fatigue.

On the 24th, the remaining 3 men's and 2 women's finals will be held.

Minami "I'm sorry, but I've done it."

Kazuki Minami, who won the silver medal in each event, said, "I'm sorry, but I've done it. I tried to take the plunge, but the reaction was so good that I couldn't stop the landing. I thought that I couldn't win the world championship unless I stopped landing at 120%, "he recalled.

After finishing the tournament for the first time, "I'm glad I was able to participate. I want to make use of this experience and do my best to be selected for next year's world championship. Next year, I will learn techniques that only I can do and lose to anyone. I want to be a non-player, and I also want to learn Lopez or Yonekura in the vault and aim for the members of the group. "

Also, the venue of this tournament is close to Yamaguchi Prefecture, where I was born, and I heard that people with a connection were visiting the venue. I was able to do it. Thank you for your support, "he said with a smile.

萱 "I've done my best now, next time I'll win a gold medal."

Kazuma Kaya, who won the silver medal in the pommel horse by event, said, "I've been practicing hard for this day, and I've done my best now with the performance as planned. After understanding my current body and condition, I practiced well and overcame the qualifying, so I had a good experience. "

He said that this event was a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics and a silver medal at this tournament. I wanted to win the gold medal next time. "

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