The All Japan Championship of Archery was held, and all the players who played an active part in the Tokyo Olympics participated.

The All Japan Championship, which decides the best archery in Japan, was held in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture on the 23rd, and both men and women recurved using a general bow.

In addition to Takaharu Furukawa, who won the bronze medal for both men's individuals and groups at the Tokyo Olympics, Hiroki Muto, who decided to win the bronze medal at the group's shoot-off, and Ren Hayakawa, a girl who played an active part in the Olympics. Six representatives from Japan participated together.

In order to shorten the competition time as a countermeasure against infection, it is held by a method of competing with the total score of 72 arrows instead of the tournament method that is held every year, and in boys Furukawa marks high scores one after another with stable shots from the beginning. However, I finished in 3rd place with 673 points out of 720 points.

Among the other athletes who participated in the Olympics, Muto was 5th with 670 points and Yuki Kawata was 14th with 653 points.

The winner was Ayaya Nakanishi, a 4th year student at Kinki University who marked 680 points, and became the first player in Japan.

On the other hand, for girls, 27-year-old Yu Irie scored 668 points and won the championship for the first time in two years.

Among the members who participated in the Olympics, Miki Nakamura was 4th with 659 points, Hayakawa was 5th with 657 points, and Azusa Yamauchi was 6th with 655 points.

Nakanishi "I want to do my best in anticipation of the Paris tournament that I was able to revenge"

Aya Nakanishi, who won the men's championship, said with a smile, "I'm glad I was able to revenge because last year's tournament ended in 70th place in the qualifying round."

Regarding the cause of the victory, he said, "I've been practicing in a tense atmosphere these days, so I'm glad I did. I'm very happy that I won in the presence of famous athletes such as those who participated in the Olympics." rice field.

Looking ahead, he said, "I felt sorry for the Tokyo Olympics because I couldn't lose in the final selection, so I want to do my best so that I can play with confidence at the Paris Games."

Furukawa "I want to aim for a gold medal in Paris, which was a good ranking"

Takaharu Furukawa recalled, "I am modifying the form so that it does not get smaller the moment I shoot the arrow, and I think it was a good position for a match in that."

37-year-old Furukawa said that he is working on the competition while looking ahead to the Paris Olympics, which will be the sixth consecutive tournament if he participates. I want to aim for a gold medal in Paris, but I don't think I have enough ability. I want to play the games in front of me one by one so that I can be better than I am now. "

Irie "I want to be a representative at the Paris tournament where I could concentrate on myself"

Yu Irie, who won the women's championship, said with a smile, "I was able to concentrate on myself without being aware of my surroundings.

Irie said that he had been practicing with the regret that he could not participate in the Tokyo Olympics so far, "I could not be the representative of the Tokyo Games, but I definitely want to be the representative and win the gold medal at the next Paris Games. "I was strongly talking about my future goals.

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