A touching story of Cristiano Ronaldo and his older brother.. How did he save him from addiction and what is the secret of the 2014 Champions Cup (with pictures)

  • A special hug between Ronaldo and his brother Hugo during the 2014 Champions League win in Lisbon.

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The British newspaper "The Sun" revealed in its edition today a touching story about the family of the Portuguese national team star, and the Manchester United sniper, Cristiano Ronaldo, and how he managed to save his older brother Hugo from a life of alcohol and drug addiction.

Where it was referred to a promise made by Ronaldo to his brother in exchange for the latter’s commitment to addiction treatment, and the matter was linked to the 2014 UEFA Champions League Cup.

The newspaper said that Ronaldo's family suffered both because of the "addiction" that his brother inherited from his father Jose, which caused many crises for Ronaldo's family when he was young, and later health problems for his father and brother.

Today, Hugo is 46 years old, ten years older than Ronaldo, and today he is completely free from the life of addiction, and is responsible for managing the Museum of his brother Ronaldo (CR7) in Madeira, Portugal, where the family home.

Hugo was a distinguished player in his childhood, during the nineties of the last century, but he was drawn into a life of drug addiction, so he lived painful and difficult years in which he lost a lot due to his return to addiction repeatedly, until Ronaldo played an important and decisive role and pulled him out of his harsh life.

Hugo was born in the same year that his father joined the Portuguese army in Angola, and he had a great future in football, but he drifted into addiction, stopped studying at the age of 17, and worked in several simple jobs.

And the newspaper quoted one of his friends as saying: We believed that his skill was much better than his brother Ronaldo.

The mother of Portuguese star Ronaldo, Dolores, says that his father's death "due to liver failure as a result of alcoholism" caused a psychological crisis for Ronaldo, who was still young, and that did not help his brother stop addiction, especially in light of the family's suffering from financial crises. .

Because Ronaldo moved to Lisbon at the age of 12, and his brother continued

In Madeira, the latter's problems with addiction increased, due to bad companions and drug dealers who were accompanying them in the neighborhood where his family lived, but Ronaldo, given the suffering of his father and brother with addiction, pledged to his mother that he would never bring her near her in his life, and he achieved this by successfully Great in his professional path.

He remained supportive of his brother and his family.

When he won the Champions League title with Real Madrid in 2014 against Atletico Madrid, and Ronaldo scored the fourth goal for Real, he went with the cup to his brother, and the match was at the time in Lisbon, Portugal, and told him that his turn had come to fulfill his vow and stop addiction.

It turned out that Ronaldo pledged with his brother to win the championship title, in exchange for his brother's commitment to stop addiction, which happened as Ronaldo financed all stages of treatment until his brother fully recovered, stabilized psychologically, and still supports him psychologically and financially until today, according to the newspaper.

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