Evra, a former French soccer player who is familiar with Korea as a close friend of former Manchester United player Park Ji-sung, revealed in his autobiography that Jae-jae was sexually abused by a male teacher when he was a teenager.

"When I was 13, I stayed at my teacher's house to cut down on school time, and then my homeroom teacher sexually abused me in my bedroom," Evra told The Times after publishing her autobiography.

"I only recently told my mother this," Evra said.

One of the things she regrets most is Evra, "When I was 24 years old playing for AS Monaco, I got a call from the police asking about the teacher's allegations, but I didn't reveal anything because I feared it would cause social controversy."

However, he said he had no intention of suing the teacher who sexually abused him right now.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)