As the opening game of ski jumping in Japan this season, the All Japan Championship, which started in Sapporo, was held for men and women in normal hills, and Sara Takanashi won the women's first five consecutive titles.

The All Japan Championship, which began on the 22nd, was a normal hill for men and women at the Miyanomori Jump Stadium in Sapporo.

Among women, Takanashi, who is aiming to win the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics next year, finished third with 90 meters 50 for the first time.

In the second time, while other players could not extend the flight distance, at 90 meters 50, each jump exceeded 90 meters of K points and marked a total point of 236.1, achieving the first consecutive championship in history. ..

Nozomi Maruyama was second and Yuki Ito was third.

On the other hand, for boys, Ryoyu Kobayashi, who broke the record for the most wins in the World Cup last season, flew 92 meters for the first time and 97 meters for the second time, and won the tournament for the first time with a total of 255.8 points. I did.

Second place was Kobayashi's older brother Junshiro, and third place was Keiichi Sato.

49-year-old Noriaki Kasai was 22nd.

The tournament will be held on the 24th at Large Hill.

Sara Takanashi "I was able to make my own jump"

Sara Takanashi recalled, "I think I was able to jump firmly in the conditions where the wind changes easily, and I was able to do well in the aerial part where I had been training intensively, which gave me confidence."

Regarding next year's Beijing Olympics, "I want to look further at the aerial part and make the takeoff part more complete. I want to perform so that I can see the growth, so for four years I would be very happy if the products I had created could be delivered to the viewers. "

Ryoyu Kobayashi "I'm glad I won the domestic tournament for the first time in a while"

Ryoyu Kobayashi said with a smile, "The first jump wasn't perfect because I was so strong, but I was able to fix it the second time. I'm happy to have a good performance and win the domestic tournament for the first time in a while."

For next year's Beijing Olympics, "It's a jumping platform that I haven't flown yet, and I can't imagine it, but I'm really looking forward to it. There is pressure as a Japanese ace, but if I can concentrate on my performance, I think the results will come. I'm glad if I win. "

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