NEC is considering playing in its own Goffert stadium without an audience because other municipalities do not want to receive the club from Nijmegen for the time being after the riots after the Gelderland derby with Vitesse.

NEC reports this in a press release on Friday.

NEC has to look for another location because last Sunday after the Gelderse derby against Vitesse, the front part of the branch collapsed.

The concrete was collected by a container, so there were no injuries among the Vitesse supporters.

Environmental service ODRN closed the stadium on Tuesday.

Three days later, NEC has not yet found a location for the upcoming home games.

According to the club, this is partly due to the riots after the lost derby with Vitesse.

Hooligans clashed with police and destroyed a police car.

More than twenty arrests were made.

"With the events of last weekend in mind, NEC is currently not doing well in several municipalities," NEC said in a statement.

"The locations where NEC hoped to play its matches dropped out one by one for various reasons."

NEC is currently in talks with the municipality of Nijmegen to play in its own Goffert stadium without an audience.

It is not yet clear how the city council feels about the Eredivisionist's proposal.

Locations in Germany are not an option according to NEC.

"The stadiums of the clubs with which NEC is still in talks are all at least an hour and a half drive from Nijmegen. The club is aware that this is also not a desirable situation for its supporters and business members."

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