In the spring, Hanna Falk announced that she was ending her career in the national team to focus on long distance running instead.

Preparations for the coming season are underway, but a few weeks ago she injured herself during a training on roller skis.

- It was a small accident.

That is what happens, says Falk to lå

- I got a slap on the knee and on the right side.

It has been a rib that did not measure quite a hundred.

It's hard to say with ribs but I have felt that there is something there.

I have had to take it easy, have cycled a little more and after a while I was able to get started with some sessions on Skierg (stacking machine, editor's note).

"Feeling pretty fit"

However, she has recovered from the fall and is now aiming for the premiere.

The crash happened after a tough camp when she felt worn out.

- I had trained hard for many weeks.

On the whole, it probably does not do much to get a little recovery, so you do not drive completely to the bottom.

I'm feeling pretty fit now.

That's a good thing.

SVT broadcasts the World Cup for long distance running, Ski Classics, from this season.

The premiere will take place in Orsa on December 18-19.

MORE LONG SKIING: New details about Svahn's shoulder injury: "Did rehab during the WC" (October 19)

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New details about Svahn's shoulder injury: "Drove rehab during the WC" Photo: SVT

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