According to interviews with the people concerned, pitcher Kan Otake, a veteran of professional baseball giants, will retire from active duty only this season.

In his 20th year as a professional pitcher, 38-year-old pitcher Otake joined Hiroshima in 2002 from Urawa Gakuin in the first draft.

As a part of the starting rotation, he won 10 wins for the first time in the 4th year, and in 2013 contributed to the team's first advance into the climax series with double-digit wins for the second consecutive year.

Then, off that year, he exercised the rights of FA = free agent and transferred to the giant.

The Giants were sluggish after winning 9 in the first year, but Otoshi went to relief and marked 4 wins and an ERA of 2 points, and the Japanese national team of the premiere 12 of the international tournament held after the season. Was selected and became the winning member.

In the 20th year of this season, he went up to the mound as a relief in the opening game and suppressed one inning with a three-way retreat, but in the following two games he was registered as a player of the 1st army on March 31 due to lack of vivid pitching. It was erased.

Pitcher Otake has been rehabilitating since he hurt his right calf in late June, but according to people familiar with the matter, Pitcher Otake will soon retire from active duty this season.

He pitched in 375 games with 102 wins and 101 losses, 17 saves, and an ERA of 3.77.

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