Lately, the supporters of RC Lens are not necessarily talking about themselves well.

After the invasion of the field during the Lens-Lille derby which cost Racing two games behind closed doors, i.e. a shortfall estimated at two million euros, other artesian fans stood out last Sunday at the stadium de la Mosson.

Installed next to the Lensois parking lot to attend Montpellier-Lens (1-0), three Racing supporters threw smoke on the lawn at the end of the match.

If two of the three suspects have not yet been arrested, the third went to court on Thursday for immediate appearance as recounted by

La Voix du Nord


Verdict: a six-month stadium ban limited to the Hérault department alone.

No point withdrawal in play

This case of smoke could also cost money to one of the two clubs during the meeting of the disciplinary committee scheduled for next Wednesday.

If it is indeed supporters of Lens who threw the smoke, the northern club notes that they were not installed in the Lensois parking lot and that the responsibility then falls to the home club.

On the side of Montpellier, we defend ourselves by specifying that the supporters in question were installed in an additional parking lot set up to best accommodate the many supporters of RC Lens.

Under the impact of a suspended withdrawal point since the derby incidents, Racing is not at risk of losing this point because the incidents are not of the same nature as during the derby.


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