• Author of a very bad start to the season (17th), the Girondins move to Lorient this Sunday (3 p.m.) during the 11th day of Ligue 1.

  • In this complicated context, Admar Lopes makes a first assessment in the quarter of the championship and above all renews his total confidence in Vladimir Petkovic, his coach.

  • The technical director of the Navy and White (re) requires time and patience as the pressure around the team mounts.

Former right-hand man of Luis Campos, Admar Lopes is Gérard Lopez's right-hand man.

Architect of the new Girondins de Bordeaux project, the club's technical director had a difficult start to the season: a victory in ten games, eight points taken out of 30 and a sad 17th place in the Ligue 1 standings in the quarter of the championship.

Despite this heavy context, it is not at all time for the Portuguese to start questioning anything.

The “process” as he likes to say, like his compatriot Paulo Sousa recently spent on the Bordeaux bench, is underway.

And above all, he has already proven himself in Monaco and Lille.

Before moving this Sunday (3 p.m.) to Lorient with the Girondins during the 11th day of L1, he returns for

20 minutes

to the current situation.

What is your assessment of the quarter of the championship?

We are not at the level I expected.

That's for sure !

Especially in terms of results.

Afterwards, if I look at the evolution of certain players and the signals sent by the team, I am not very worried.

I think we could have a few more victories, like the matches against Nantes (1-1) or Angers (1-1).

We also had some interesting matches against Montpellier (3-3) and Lens (2-3).

So you are not worried about the situation?

What worries me a bit is the inconstancy of the team on a mental level.

Afterwards in terms of tactics, physics, technique and especially the union of the group, I am very happy.

I think we are on the right track and we will get there.

Do you feel the team still marked by the past?

Yes and for us, it's a real job every day.

I think the group is psychologically marked.

Not just from last season but from the last two, three years.

I think there is trauma.

So we try to move forward but it is not possible to change that in two or three months.

To develop a culture of victory, it takes months or even years.

The supporters are starting to get impatient ...

I really ask for patience because it is important for the players.

But then it's football.

If me, the players, the coach are not able to play under pressure, that means that we are not able to succeed in this world of football.

It's easier to work with victories but also if you feel the confidence of the supporters.

But frankly, the group begins to be well united with a more family atmosphere.

I don't think this group can be unsettled by one person.

It's a matter of one or two wins and after all will change!

Did you set a number of points for the three games before Paris, November 6?

With the coach, we wanted the nine points.

Afterwards, if we manage to score six or seven points, it will also be positive.

Of course we have to look at the standings but we should not focus on that and on our number of points.

We have to stay positive.

The ranking is there but there are good signals for the future.

Do you still have complete confidence in Vladimir Petkovic, your trainer?

Yes, 1000% confidence!

As for the players, do some disappoint you?


They are humans and they each have their own adaptability.

It is not a question of age or experience for that matter.

It's more a question of culture and style of play. But one of the strengths of our success in Monaco and Lille is to never let the players down!

For example, in Lille, a lot of players exploded in the second or even the third year.

Afterwards, we must not forget that the summer was very complicated with our late arrival at the club, a change of coach a week before the resumption of the championship, many players also arrived only at the end of August.

We knew that September would be complicated.

In addition, we had some bad luck with injuries to very important players [Koscielny, Onana and Sissokho] even though I have confidence in the whole group.

In the middle, we lost Sissokho, Onana and with Fransergio's lack of adaptation, it was difficult.

We were also almost never able to play with the same defense.

With all the feedback, I think we'll have more stability.

Are you afraid to relive the same first season as in Lille (dismissal of Marcelo Bielsa in November and relegation until the truce)?

It's funny because I spoke about it last weekend with Gérard.

And for him, for example, it's not the same situation.

It was much worse in Lille at all levels.

Today, the context here is different.

I'm not afraid to relive the same season as in Lille.

I think we will be able to find a certain stability much faster.


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