Yuya Hasegawa, a professional baseball player from Softbank, held a retirement ceremony and said, "It was a smooth sailing baseball life supported by many people," and said goodbye to his active life.

Hasegawa appeared on behalf of seven chances in the final match of this season's home base against Nippon Ham at the PayPay Dome in Fukuoka City.

The result was a ground ball to the first, and while Hasegawa expressed his regret after head-sliding on the first base and going out, the fans gave a big applause.

After the match, a retirement ceremony was held, and Hasegawa said, "I didn't think I could be this long when I was young. Above all, the family who supported me closest to me really helped me. Baseball Thank you so much for letting me type in. "

On top of that, Hasegawa said, "At the retirement interview, I said,'It was never a smooth sailing baseball life.' It was a supportive and smooth sailing baseball life. "

Then, after receiving a bouquet from the chairman of the Sadaharu Oh team and his family, he shook his hand to the fans and went around the ground, and at the end he was raised by the players and said goodbye to his active life.