National coach Mark Parsons reported to the selection of the Orange Women in Cyprus on Thursday afternoon.

The English coach was initially supposed to arrive in Zeist on Tuesday, but he was delayed due to a modified flight schedule and lost travel documents.

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"We found him", the Orange Women's Twitter channel reads.

Because of his long journey, Parsons hadn't stood in front of the group until Thursday afternoon.

On Friday, the Netherlands will play a World Cup qualifier against and against Cyprus.

The 35-year-old Parsons, who started in September as the successor of Sarina Wiegman, will combine the national coachship until the end of November with the trainership of the American Portland Thorns.

As a result, he has to come over from the United States during international matches.

Parsons would already skip the first training of the Orange Women on Monday, because he could not be in Zeist on time.

In the night from Sunday to Monday (Dutch time), he led another Portland Thorns game against Houston Dash (0-1 win), after which he would immediately get on the plane.

However, his flight was turned over, so Parsons would join the Orange Women on Wednesday.

Those plans were also dashed.

Parsons had to hand in his travel documents again, but they got lost.

We found him


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Trainings were led by assistant Thorny

It was only fixed on Wednesday.

He flew to Cyprus via London and arrived on the island in the Mediterranean on Thursday afternoon.

The training sessions in Zeist and Cyprus were led by assistant Jessica Thorny.

On Thursday-afternoon, she also gave the press conference in the run-up to the game against Cyprus, which starts at 8.45 PM on Friday.

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