Sara Takanashi, who is aiming to win a medal at the Beijing Olympics, said in an interview, "I want to concentrate on what I should do and connect to winter" before the opening game of ski jumping in Japan will be held from 22nd in Sapporo. I said my aspirations.

The All Japan Ski Jumping Championship will begin on the 22nd in Sapporo as the first official game in Japan this season.

Top Japanese players such as female ace Takanashi, Ryoyu Kobayashi, who set the record for the most wins in the World Cup for Japanese men, and 49-year-old Noriaki Kasai will participate.

Official practice and men's qualifying were scheduled to be held on the 21st, but it was canceled due to strong winds.

Takanashi, who responded to the interview, said, "I think it's the last chance to build a solid base in about 100 days until the Beijing Olympics. There are many things to learn from the game. I want to connect to it. "

In addition, Kasai, who is aiming to participate in the 9th Olympic Games, said, "I think it's up to what level I can fight with all the World Cup members. I'm expecting myself because my condition is improving little by little. "I have a strong desire to participate in the Beijing Olympics and keep a record. I want to do my best without giving up until the end," he said with enthusiasm.

The All Japan Championship will be held on the 22nd at Normal Hill and on the 24th of this month at Large Hill.

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