- I do not know where I am right now.

It's completely unreal.

For the last ten minutes I thought I was walking around dreaming.

It is completely sick, says Bodö player Erik Botheim who made 1-0 and 3-1 to VG.

The Italian media sharpened their knives.

"A historic disaster and an eternal shame," writes the Gazzetta dello Sport, for example.

- I take the blame.

It's my fault.

They (Bodö / Glimt) were better than our B-team today.

I overestimated my players, says Mourinho at the press conference according to NRK.

Feared climate and artificial turf

Before the match, he feared the northern Norwegian climate and the artificial turf and was prophesied.

He gave cred to the Norwegians who sent a shock wave through football Europe.

- The best team won.

I had to rest players before the more important match against Napoli, which is more important to win than today, Mourinho explains his tactical move.

He was asked if the result was shocking.

- Yes, replied the Portuguese.

His previous biggest loss was 0-5 against Pep Guardiola's Barcelona in November 2010 when Mourinho coached Real Madrid.

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