Board members of 1. FC Union Berlin were attacked by a group of hooligans in a Rotterdam cafe on Wednesday evening, a spokesperson for the Bundesliga club confirmed to the German news agency DPA after reporting from the

Berliner Kurier.

The Rotterdam police confirmed on Twitter on Wednesday evening that chairs and other objects had been thrown at a group of people at a catering facility.

One victim had to be taken to hospital with injuries, but that person escaped unscathed.

A Union Berlin spokesman has now confirmed rumors that the action was aimed at a delegation from the club, including chairman Dirk Zingler and board member Oskar Kosche.

The Germans will play against Feyenoord in the group stage of the Conference League in De Kuip on Thursday evening.

In total, about 25 people were pelted with objects, including women and the elderly.

The police have so far arrested one person, but the other perpetrators managed to flee.

The match between Feyenoord and Union Berlin starts on Thursday at 6.45 pm in De Kuip.

The Germans are represented in Rotterdam with approximately 2,500 supporters.

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