• Ten years ago, Stade Rennais started broadcasting the song

    I just can't get enough

    by Depeche Mode after his team's goals.

  • This song is picked up by the whole Celtic Glasgow stadium.

    Rennes supporters discovered it during a European trip to Scotland.

  • The Rennais move this Thursday on the lawn of Mura, Slovenia for the third day of the Europa League Conference.

It was an evening in November 2011. Ten years ago almost to the day, the Stade Rennais of Frédéric Antonetti lost 3-1 on the lawn of Celtic Glasgow and almost said goodbye to the Europa League, to which he was participating for the first time. On the field, M'Vila, Pajot, Mangane, Féret or the twirling Pitroipa had not really shone. But in the lair of Celtic Park, the supporters were hovering. The reason ? The incredible atmosphere set by the Scottish fans, reputed to be among the hottest in Europe.

Beyond the pints of beer swallowed during the evening, the Rennes supporters absorbed the atmosphere of an always hot stadium. On the way back, everyone came home with a little look in their heads. Because at each of the three goals of the evening opponent, the stadium sang and danced to the tune of

I just can't get enough

 by Depeche Mode (

I never have enough

in French), revisited by the supporters of Celtic. A few hours before a new European trip to the less noisy lawn of Mura (this Thursday at 6:45 p.m.), in Slovenia, Rennes remembers that ten years ago, he borrowed the Celtic anthem to broadcast it to his each of the Rennes goals at Roazhon Park.

Uno strepitoso Just Can't Get Enough cantato a squarciagola da tutto Celtic Park.

🎶 When I see you Celtic I go out of my Head


I cannae wait for Saturday's to see you at Parkhead

Celtic you're the side I'll always love and I just cant seem to get enough of.

🎶 🍀 pic.twitter.com/M2lavdSfKM

- Il Calcio Scozzese (@calcioscozzese) April 4, 2020

“We loved the atmosphere, the experience.

There was such a fellowship, such a respect for traditions.

It was an unforgettable trip.

One of those who feed the supporters ”.

Julien Boucher has been working at Stade Rennais for almost twenty years.

In charge of events, he traveled to Glasgow in 2011. “We all came home with this song in our heads.

Everyone sang it on the way back, ”he recalls.

A few days later, the club decided to seize the tube of Depeche Mode to broadcast it after the goals of the Red and Black.

And it has been going on for ten years now.

“It was the very beginning of music in the stadiums.

For a long time, we were not allowed to send sound after goals.

We did a test and it took well, ”says Julien Boucher.

"One day, we will change it"

After ten years of resounding in the spans of Roazhon Park, one might think the piece is frozen. It is not so. “Yes, one day we will change it. We discussed it with the members of the RCK and they were OK. But we won't do it like that, overnight. This kind of decision shouldn't be made by just a few people at the club. You have to be careful, ”warns the event manager. The recent example of the disappearance of the piece of Phil Collins at PSG is a perfect example. After the bronca, the Parisian club had backtracked, taking up the "Who said I would" which resonated since the 1990s. "The songs, they are part of the history of the club, of its memory. We cannot change them without causing disappointment, ”says Julien Boucher.

In Rennes, a little wind of revolt had arisen when the song


interpreted by the Breton rock group EV had been crushed in favor of an electro song by Justice called



“EV, we all heard it since we were little.

But he was a little overwhelmed.

When we changed it, there were some growls.

But at that time, there were not as many social networks and the echo had been much less ”.

The Stade Rennais also keeps on a corner of the office the idea of ​​reworking the famous piece of EV.

The group broke up almost fifteen years ago.


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