From "the most beautiful ice" to "the fastest ice" (Winter Olympic Footnote)

  ——The upgraded Capital Gymnasium welcomes two Winter Olympics test matches

  "Everything in the stadium is exciting. I like to compete here. I hope I can come here again during the Beijing Winter Olympics." Dancing on the ice in the Capital Gymnasium of the "over half a hundred years", Finnish figure skater Jeanne Saarinen couldn't help but dance. With emotion.

  Recently, the Beijing Winter Olympics test competition and the "Meet in Beijing" Asian Figure Skating Open ended here. 31 athletes from 9 countries and regions warmed up for the Beijing Winter Olympics at the Capital Gymnasium. There are countless compliments from the players.

From October 21st, the Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Cup will continue to be held in the first body, and the "fastest ice" will be unveiled soon.

  "The ice rink is so beautiful"

  This year's Figure Skating Open is the first international event in the Capital Gymnasium in four years, and it is also a test event for figure skating at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

In 2018, to welcome the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Capital Gymnasium was renovated and upgraded.

The exterior is still the same as before, but the interior has been completely renewed.

With the approach of the Winter Olympics, this "53-year-old" old stadium began to glow with new vitality.

  "Is this an old stadium? Everything looks new." Lucas Bridgeg, a Swiss player who stepped on the first ice for the first time, exclaimed, "The ice rink is so beautiful, the blue seats The chair is pleasing to the eye."

  World Championship runner-up and Japanese player Yuma Kanayama said: "You can really feel the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics here, and the ice is very conducive to sliding."

  Since its establishment in 1968, the first body has carried precious memories in the history of sports in New China-the 1971 Sino-US table tennis friendly, the 1990 Beijing Asian Games, and the 2008 Beijing Olympics have all written a lot of color here.

  The first body has a long history of fate with the Winter Olympics.

In the mid-1980s, as the first indoor refrigerated ice rink in China, the first body became one of the training bases for short track speed skating and figure skating in China.

Today, the brand-new first body has injected more confidence into the Chinese players.

  "This is the place where we fought and felt the familiar taste." Chinese players Sui Wenjing and Han Cong said that the country has made great efforts to host the Winter Olympics, and the athletes are full of motivation to move forward and challenge constantly.

  Revisiting the old place, this pair of Winter Olympics silver medal partners presented a new show in the competition.

In the double skating free skating competition, the two accompanied the song "Golden Bridge on the Sad River" and won the double skating championship with a total score of 223.48.

"It is our goal to raise the national flag and play the national anthem during the Beijing Winter Olympics!" Sui Wenjing and Han Cong said.

  "This is the best and most advanced ice rink. The prosperity of the motherland has given us Chinese athletes more confidence." Chinese player Jin Boyang won the bronze medal in men's singles skating in this competition.

  For the Capital Gymnasium, Raikkonen, vice chairman of the International Skating Federation, gave a high evaluation.

"This stadium looks very new, and it is a very good idea to use the existing stadiums. As a Winter Olympics venue, it is fully equipped, functioning normally, and is fully prepared. We will wait for the Beijing Winter Olympics to see what it is. Looks like it."

  "Here is completely ready"

  In the test competition, not only the renewed Capital Gymnasium and the new programs of figure skaters, but also many high-tech equipment are also impressive-flexible and cute electric inspection robot dog, "not afraid of hitting the wall" unmanned Machine, intelligent body temperature patch... Inside and outside the stadium, the figure of the Winter Olympics is ubiquitous.

  "During the test match, we used the fully digital guarantee mode for the first time to build a winter Olympics power operation guarantee command platform, to realize the accurate collection of full data volume for the venue power supply equipment, and eliminate the data blind zone of the guarantee for the'last mile'." Capital Gymnasium Group Said Li Qingtao, manager of the power security team.

  At the same time, after 12 months of renovation, the Capital Gymnasium has achieved full 5G coverage.

Thanks to the 40 4K camera arrays and 3 8KVR cameras deployed in the stadium, the audience can experience 360-degree free interactive viewing of the game.

Wearing a VR helmet, the immersive experience of watching the game is refreshing.

Wang Tianshi, deputy manager of the technical field of the Capital Gymnasium, said that the video signals collected from the panoramic view can be uploaded to the cloud guide platform to realize the off-site guide and production of the event.

  In terms of epidemic prevention and control, many smart products also have opportunities to show their talents.

Entering the venue, several intelligent sensory robots are busy working.

They can not only accurately measure the temperature at the entrance, but also perform environmental killing tasks in key areas.

  Zhao Chengfang, deputy director of the Capital Gymnasium for epidemic prevention, introduced that this test competition applied aerosol monitoring and other scientific and technological epidemic prevention methods, and arranged emergency teams.

Once there is an emergency, the emergency team will immediately enter the venue or related hotel to start the flow adjustment and close determination.

  As a field exercise for the Beijing Winter Olympics, epidemic prevention and control is the focus of this event.

The venue has strengthened remote management before athletes enter the country, and closed-loop management is implemented after entry. All personnel undergo strict inspection and quarantine at the port after entry. They must comply with relevant epidemic prevention requirements until they leave the country, and epidemic prevention measures are strictly implemented throughout the process.

  Regarding the anti-epidemic measures for the competition, Latvian player Denis Vasilievs bluntly said that he has never seen such a good implementation of the anti-epidemic regulations.

"It's unbelievable. The organization here is great. Everything is arranged in an orderly manner. I feel like it's fully prepared here."

  Receiving likes from all over the world is not easy.

This test match benchmarks against 29 business areas during the Winter Olympics. The venue runs for an average of 20 hours a day. At the same time, it adopts the Winter Olympics timing and scoring system to control the command system, venue facilities, venue operation, service guarantee, Effective testing has been carried out in many aspects such as comprehensive urban security.

  "Let more people like ice and snow projects"

  Soon, the Capital Gymnasium will welcome new "guests".

From October 21st to 24th, the 2021/2022 ISU Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Cup will be held here.

  As the results of the competition are related to the qualifications for the Beijing Winter Olympics, a total of 351 overseas personnel from 36 countries (regions) came to participate in the World Cup. The test.

  For two different events, "ice rink conversion" is an important task between games.

Ding Dong, director of the stadium group operation team of the Capital Gymnasium, said that the short-track speed skating and figure skating venue conversion window period is short, and many tasks require personnel outside the closed loop to enter the closed loop after thorough disinfection of the venues, and then quickly withdraw after completion.

  "We treat each test game as a big test, and prepare for the Winter Olympics standards. According to the requirements of'one hall, one policy', we formulate a work plan, and continue to optimize, refine personnel flow, strict closed-loop management, fine personalized service, and scientific The conversion of events has continuously improved the ability and level of running games, laying a solid foundation and accumulating valuable experience for the'on schedule, safe and smooth' hosting of the Winter Olympics." Ding Dong said.

  Ding Dong said that in April this year, after the last ice making at the Capital Gymnasium, several athletes slid here with the best results in the world.

"Now, with the same ice maker and the same field, I look forward to more athletes creating better results in this test match." Ding Dong said.

  In this short track speed skating World Cup, the new short track speed skating national team led by Winter Olympic champion Wu Dajing will appear on the field.

Speaking of preparations for the Winter Olympics, Wu Dajing said: "I will go all out to welcome the 2022 Winter Olympics and dedicate the most exciting game to the motherland. I hope that through this game, more people will understand and like ice and snow. project."

  Liu Shuoyang Li Yang Jifang

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