Professional baseball Seibu has announced that it will not sign a contract for next season with pitcher Daiki Enokida, who contributed to the league title by marking 11 wins three years ago.

Both pitchers hope to continue working

35-year-old pitcher Enokida is a left-handed pitcher who joined Hanshin in 2011 from Tokyo Gas, a professional baseball team, in the first place in the draft. He contributed to the league championship by marking 11 wins, which is the double digit of.

This season, in May, a hit ball hit his left hand and broke his bone in a farm team match, and he underwent surgery.

After that, I returned to the actual battle, but for the first time in my 11th year as a professional, I did not pitch in the 1st army.

The total record is 29 wins, 25 losses, 3 saves, 60 holds, and an ERA of 4.16.

In addition, it was announced that he would not sign a contract for next season with pitcher Ryuya Ogawa, who was transferred to Seibu from Chunichi in the middle of the season three years ago.

Hisanobu Watanabe, general manager, interviewed online, said, "I am grateful that both of them worked very hard as the strength of the year they won the championship, but as a result of the discussion, they were out of the plan for next season."

Both of them commented through the team because they wanted to continue working.

Pitcher Enokida said, "I'm really grateful that everyone communicated so much. I think this kind of environment made me play an active role again and made me stand out. In the Hanshin Tigers pitched in 2018, Pitcher Fujinami I was more impressed by the fact that I was able to throw each other and that I was able to play against my seniors Fukudome and Toritani from my hometown. I think it will be. "

Pitcher Ogawa said, "I was really happy to have received a big applause from the fans when I threw at Softbank, which was competing for the victory in September 2018. It was a short period of three and a half years, but all the fans. I'm full of gratitude. I'm fine and I feel like I'm throwing, so if I have another chance with a different team, I'd like you to continue to support me. "

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