Juan Bernabé


53 years old

, he is from


, he trains


and accumulates a career worthy of any footballer. He first spent seven years at


, between

2003 and 2010

, and later 'signed' for


after a brief collaboration with


. In both teams he was in charge of training the eagle that represented the club. '


in Lisbon and '


in Rome.

In the Lisbon group, in whose shield said bird reigns (that is why they have the nickname of 'eagles'), it became so famous that it served as a tourist attraction during the

2004 European Championship


His Canadian eagle flew for years before each match at the

Estadio Da Luz

, and now he did so at the

Olympic in Rome


This week, after a decade as part of the Italian team, the relationship between Bernabé and the Roman team has ended.

He has been fired


The reason?

A video and a gesture

that have made him the star of the day in Italy.

"Duce! Duce!"

sang Bernabé and




after the 3-1 win over

Inter Milan

last Saturday. The name by which

Italian fascism

refers to the

dictator Mussolini

. The image of Bernabé, an eagle on his arm, raising his hand has gone around Italy and half of Europe and has been denounced, among others, by the Union of Italian Jewish Communities. "There can be no ambiguity or hesitation.

Out with the fascists

of the world of football," said its president, Noemi Di Segni.

The reaction has been so important that Lazio has been forced to release a statement within hours of the publication of the video, arguing that

Bernabé is not "directly" related to the club

and that he immediately suspended any service that the Spanish could be offering to the entity.

"Bernabé is an unregistered employee of a

company outside Lazio

", justifies the whole of Rome.


These attitudes offend the club

, the fans and our values."

The ultras of Lazio

They are located in the famous

Curva Nord

of the stadium

and they have been the protagonists of many controversies for displaying banners of fascist symbolism.

"It was a military salute"


has tried to contact the Spanish falconer, but Bernabé has preferred to

remain silent while

waiting for the movements that his lawyer may make to deal with his contracts with Lazio. "He says that it has been a


, that

he is not a fascist,

" a person close to the trainer assures this newspaper, who, given the controversy that arose in the transalpine country, gave his only statements to the newspaper '




I'm sorry about what happened,

" he explained. "I am a





, absolutely, from


, but I do not have fascist ideals. In Spain, the fascist salute is made with the arm in a straight line," he added. "I am a man who has traveled the world and who has relationships with people of all races. It was a gesture to celebrate the end of a match,

a military salute

, never fascist," he concluded.

Bernabé, who also worked at the wedding of the

Infanta Elena

and became a falconer

"for Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente"

, declared in 2012 in an interview in the newspaper AS to be a "born


" and to dream of his eagle "

fly through the Bernabéu

":" There is nothing bigger than Madrid ".


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