On October 19, under the supervision of Dalian Customs, 140 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles successfully cleared customs at Dalian Dayaowan Automobile Terminal.

This is China's first batch of imported hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, which will be shipped to Beijing in succession for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

  A few days ago, Beijing announced the "Beijing Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Implementation Plan (2021-2025)." Beijing will rely on the 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics to build hydrogen fuel cell vehicle demonstration projects.

Fuel cell vehicles are used to transport spectators or staff in mountainous areas such as Yanqing. The passenger service application scale of fuel cell vehicles during the Yanqing competition area is 212, which will be mainly used for passenger transport services.

  The MIRAI hydrogen energy battery vehicles entering the country this time are hydrogen energy battery vehicles manufactured by Japan’s Toyota, which can accommodate 5 people. The above-mentioned 140 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be transported to Beijing via special vehicles after customs clearance.

  Unlike ordinary vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are equipped with pressure vessels, hydrogen pipelines, etc., and risk monitoring indicators need to be increased.

In order to ensure the smooth customs clearance of vehicles, Dalian Customs has set up a special work class to implement intelligent supervision. Customs business experts carry out safety performance testing and pressure vessel testing simultaneously, which further saves the company's time and cost.

  As a vehicle that uses hydrogen as the main energy for movement, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have the advantages of high energy efficiency, high safety, zero emissions, long life, etc., are considered to be an important technical route to replace traditional fuel-fueled commercial vehicles and help carbon One of the main ways to achieve the goal of neutralization at an early date.

(Produced by Yang Yi and Wu Suning Li Jiali)

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