A shoulder injury means that it will be a battle against the clock if Nordin has time to be in playable condition.

- As it looks right now, I'm not ready for games, I'm rehabilitating my shoulder.

But somewhere I have a hope that I will be able to participate in the Olympic qualifiers, she says to Radiosporten.

Nordin has started with easier training on ice.

- The shoulder gets better as time goes on.

I am very happy that I can be on ice and drive, but no contact, she says.

Emma Nordin has won five Swedish Championship golds, four of them with Luleå, but left Norrbotten Club this summer for games in Chinese KRS Vanke Rays, which plays in the Russian league.

Since last season's postponed playoffs were decided earlier this autumn, the Russian league has now taken a break and Nordin has been relevant for games in Luleå in the meantime.

The 30-year-old shooting queen has scored 203 goals in 365 SDHL matches in her career.

The Olympic qualifiers in Luleå will be played on 11-14 November and Sweden will face Slovakia, South Korea and France.

The winner qualifies for the Beijing Olympics in February.

SVT broadcasts the ladies' Olympic qualifiers and the junior WC.

CLIP: Julie Zwarthoed penalty hero for SDE against Luleå (October 17)

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Julie Zwarthoed penalty hero for SDE against Luleå.

Photo: Bildbyrån / C More

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