For pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka of professional baseball Seibu, who has made a name for himself as a "monster of Heisei" and will retire from active duty only this season, his teammates and so-called "Matsuzaka generation" players of the same grade have been active in Koshien. There are various voices such as memories of the first time and debut, and voices regretting retirement.


Coach Shogo Akada, who joined the team at the same time, "He is an undisputed superstar"

Seibu's Shogo Akada hitting coach joined the team in 1999 in second place in the draft after pitcher Matsuzaka.

Coach Akada said, "I'm wondering if this day has finally come. He is an undisputed superstar. He has had a tremendous influence on us, who are said to be the Matsuzaka generation, since we joined the team. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for that. I would like to say to Pitcher Matsuzaka, "Thank you for your hard work." "

Coach Toyoda "I was doing my best while being inspired by him."

Seibu's coach Kiyoshi Toyoda said, "It's a lonely word. I still can't forget the shock when he joined the team, and I was working hard while being inspired by him. Now I'm a coach. I wanted to send it out from the bullpen as soon as possible, but I'm sorry I couldn't do it. Today I can send it out from the bullpen before the game, so I'm happy to be present at that moment. I want to tell you that I did it, "he commented through the team.

Coach Fumiya Nishiguchi "He worked hard for 23 years."

Fumiya Nishiguchi, the pitcher coach, said, "I'm glad I was able to watch Daisuke throwing on the mound in this way at the end. I think there were good times and bad times, but after overcoming various things, 23 He did his best for the year. At the end, he was the same as me and was a walk. Daisuke was from 3-1 and I was from 3-2. I made a comment.

Year of birth of Matsuzaka professional Kaima Taira "Happy to be present on this day"

21-year-old pitcher Kaima Taira said about Matsuzaka's retirement pitching: "Mr. Matsuzaka was a professional pitcher in the year I was born, and I have a strong image of the Red Sox. When I was in elementary school, I used the glove of Mr. Matsuzaka's model. I am happy to be present on this day, "he commented through the team.


Director Kudo "I want to look forward to his future"

Softbank coach Kimiyasu Kudo said, "I feel very sad that the pitcher who was said to be a'monster'is leaving. I think it wasn't all fun because I suffered from injuries, but it was a long play. If you do, you will definitely follow. I think I fought well even in such a situation. "

After that, he said, "I think there is something I can do for the baseball world in the future, so I'd like to look forward to his future."

Fierce fight at Koshien Coach Yosuke Hiraishi "First of all, take care of your mind and body"

Softbank's Yosuke Hiraishi 1st Army hitting coach was the captain of PL Gakuen, who fought a fierce battle with Yokohama High School, where pitcher Matsuzaka served as the ace in the quarterfinals of the national high school baseball in the summer of 1998, for an extended 17 times.

Coach Hiraishi said, "I often interact with the same grade as the'Matsuzaka Generation', but no one hated being called the Matsuzaka Generation. It was Daisuke's personality, and even when he entered the professional world, he showed results. I think it was because he gave me. I think it was really painful until the very end, and I can't find the words easily, but I want you to take care of your body and mind first. "

Active "Matsuzaka Generation" Tsuyoshi Wada "I want to do my best until it burns out"

One of the two active players of the "Matsuzaka Generation" this season, along with pitcher Matsuzaka, and pitcher Tsuyoshi Wada of Softbank said, "Thank you for your hard work for 23 years. It's an irreplaceable treasure for me. When I received a report from Daisuke about my retirement, I felt lonely and at the same time I felt that my physical condition had deteriorated so much that I had to make a decision to retire. In today's appearance of Daisuke, I felt his aesthetics of throwing the team on his back for 23 years, and I thought that the number 18 would suit him, and I received it from Daisuke. The baton is really heavy, but I think that everyone in the Matsuzaka generation is full of thoughts, so I will do my best until it burns out so that I can be ashamed of what I have been entrusted with. "


Coach Toshiya Sugiuchi "Thank you for pulling us classmates"

Daisuke and Softbank in the same grade as Matsuzaka generation, and giant Toshiya Sugiuchi, a pitcher coach who played an active part in the giant, said about Matsuzaka who finished his retirement pitching, "I am full of gratitude for pulling us classmates. I was able to improve my level because he was there. Thank you very much. And thank you. "

Coach Shuichi Murata "I've been chasing him and playing baseball all the time."

Similarly, Yokohama, the predecessor of DeNA in the "Matsuzaka Generation," and Shuichi Murata, a giant fielder general coach who played an active part in the giant, said, "I think it was a long time when I was rehabilitated and it didn't go well. I think he also struggled to the very end, and Daisuke Matsuzaka was still amazing in any way, "he praised his achievements so far.

On top of that, he said, "We've been chasing him and playing baseball all the time, and thanks to him, I was able to do my best to the end because of the batter Murata. He contacted me when I retired and I want to contact him." rice field.


Yuya Yanagi, a junior at Yokohama High School "I want to see the last male figure in my eyes"

Yuya Yanagi, a junior at Yokohama High School and a teammate during the Chunichi era, commented through the team, "I can't believe I'm retiring yet. Today I want to see Mr. Matsuzaka's last male figure." Was announced.

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