Arsene Wenger is definitely in all the good (or bad, it depends) shots since he was in the development of world football at Fifa.

The former Arsenal manager has a project for everyone, player or not.

Take the referees, for example: the Frenchman would see them spoil themselves in a press conference, as he explained on the occasion of the refereeing days.

“It would be a good way to avoid controversies and put them out before they get into public debate.

We would have to get the approval of the referees and I do not know enough about the state of mind they are in after the games to be able to comment.


For open mics

Not sure that they accept the very sympathetic offer of Wenger, who had already shown himself in favor of the opening of the microphones of the referees a few days earlier.

“I am personally in favor of transparency and I find that this is one of the means of raising respect.

I think it will probably be necessary.



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