In the early morning of October 19th, Beijing time, in the last match of the ninth round of La Liga, the Spaniards played against Cadiz. This was the best chance for the Spaniards to fight for the third victory of the season-the last round of La Liga. Still on October 3, the Spaniard unexpectedly beat Real Madrid 2:1 at home. Chinese forward Wu Lei came off the bench in this game. The team withstood Real Madrid's full counterattack in the last 20 minutes and got a precious 3 Points, this is enough for the Spaniards who don't have too much demand for the European war and just want to gain a foothold in La Liga.

  After that game, Wu Lei flew non-stop from Spain to the United Arab Emirates to report to the national football station. In the early morning of October 8, Qatar World Cup qualifiers in the Asian top 12 match, the national football team defeated Vietnam 3-2 and won the first group match. Wu Lei The score twice included a stoppage-time lore. As far as this result is concerned, Wu Lei's "king of the king to help the driver" is a worthwhile trip.

In the early morning of October 13th, the national football team lost 2:3 to the Saudi team. The team returned to China on the same day. Only Wu Lei left the team and boarded the flight to Spain to continue to compete in La Liga-if the national football team's two top 12 games in November The match can be confirmed to be played at home in Suzhou, and Wu Lei will go back to China for another long-distance trip in two weeks' time.

  This kind of "hard journey" was originally a "career component" that professional players must accept. In fact, after the national football team lost 0:1 to the Japanese team in Doha in September, Wu Lei went to the airport alone (back to Spain to play in La Liga). There is a strong feeling: beside me, almost all the players of the Japanese national team are preparing to return to their respective clubs in Europe... The gap between us and the strong Asian teams is indeed very large...

  The Japanese team's loss to Saudi Arabia and Oman in the top 12 matches was not due to a decline in ability, but an unstable mentality and poor luck. Lectra 2:1 at home made the Japanese team back on track and more motivated, even if it is currently only a ranking group. Third, but the vast majority of fans believe that the Japanese team has enough ability to fight for the top two in the group (the top two directly qualify).

  This is completely opposite to the grim qualifying situation faced by the national football team: the national football team only won 1 game in the first 4 rounds of the group match (Vietnam team lost all 4 games), and only ranked fifth in the group with only 3 points (Saudi Arabia ranked first with 12 points, The Australian team is second with 9 points, and Oman and Japan are both ranked third and fourth with 6 points). Once the team fails to score 3 points in the game against Oman on November 11, the group will directly qualify and even qualify for the play-offs. (Group 3) There will only be "theoretical possibilities" left.

  This means that the "life and death battle" of the national football team has been greatly advanced to the last round of the first half.

According to the reporter's understanding, the Chinese Football Association is doing its utmost to preserve the home court advantage (avoid going to third-party venues to complete the game) so that the team can play this veritable "life and death battle" in the best condition.

  At present, the National Football Team is conducting closed training in the familiar Suzhou Division (in the isolated area): two days after the adjustment, the team's training will proceed as usual. Whether the coaching staff needs to add players to the team to enrich the lineup is unknown, but the National Football team does not have any "tests" anymore. "Wrong space", the battle with the Oman team can not hold any reservations except for the full onslaught.

  In fact, the "life and death battle" of the national football can also be regarded as the "life and death battle" of Chinese football. According to the unique operating logic of Chinese football, the performance of the national team can almost determine the prospects of the development of the league.

As the basic building of China's professional (professional) football, the possibility of a "cold end" of the professional league this season and a "nothing to do" in the new season is gradually increasing.

  Take the most influential Chinese Super League as an example. Since the end of the 4 supplementary matches in mid-August, the Chinese Super League has not appeared in the attention of fans for 60 days-and the days of "two not seeing each other" will continue at least. 30 days.

  If the national football team can strive to complete the two top 12 games in November at home in Suzhou, the 8 rounds of the second phase will restart in late November, and the third phase of the game is expected to proceed in advance. However, if the two games in November are affected by the new crown pneumonia The epidemic prevention and control factors still have to be played on third-party venues. The second stage of the Chinese Super League must wait until the national football players complete the 14+7 quarantine. As the remaining 16 rounds of the league can hardly be completed within one and a half months, the league The schedule has to be changed accordingly.

  A league with insufficient authority and discourse power to maintain a "stable state" is naturally difficult to gain the favor of sponsors and fans, not to mention the fact that the main players in the league "have hard-to-read lessons", an active player told reporters : "As far as I know, less than half of the clubs that do not owe salaries (Chinese Super League) have owed salaries for at least one quarter. Everyone is biting the bullet and playing. I really don't know how long they can play. The national team wins. Fortunately, it can be a stimulus. If you lose, someone will immediately withdraw from the (professional league). I really can't live anymore."

  According to the reporter’s understanding, the “transformation” of professional clubs from last season has not ended. The “diversification of equity”, which is more difficult to achieve than the “neutral name”, has stumped a large number of professional clubs. Reflected, the current league policy decision-making level requires clubs to sign shareholding agreements with local administrative departments and sports administrative departments in accordance with the proportion of "433". A club staff explained to reporters: "It means that the government-designated province (city) ) The directly affiliated company and the local sports bureau should each own 30% of the club’s shares, and the investor has 40% of the shares. This is really incomprehensible and unacceptable for us. Because the league can have a charity nature, there is no problem, but if this league does not Commercial value, why do our investors have to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in real money every year? Let's just go back 30 years and return to the professional system. The provincial sports bureaus use financial allocations to raise teams to play in the national championships without worrying about risks."

  Such a policy is indeed confusing: the A League that began in 1994 and the Chinese Super League that began in 2004, at least in terms of form and structure, are moving closer to the professional leagues operated by developed countries in football. To occupy up to 60% of the shares of professional clubs, the concept of "professionalization" of Chinese football will be impossible to talk about-the "exit tide" of the 2020 season is shocking enough, and the Chinese Super League champions are not spared. It is rare that the 10th-ranked team in the Chinese Champions League (the fourth tier) is almost "reported" to the Chinese League B.

The difficulty of club investors' "shareholding system reform" goes far beyond the scope of football, and the idea of ​​"returning to the professional system" of the league decision-making team is more like "making things worse."

  The "life and death" of the professional league is not alarmist. At this time, to forcibly complete the goal of "professional league expansion in the new season" will only bring more unsolvable problems-so the "life and death battle" of Chinese football is obviously more than one game. It's that simple.

  Our newspaper, Beijing, October 18th

  China Youth Daily · China Youth Daily reporter Guo Jian Source: China Youth Daily

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