The KNVB is in favor of one central authority being responsible for monitoring the constructive safety of stadiums.

The football association says this in response to the collapse of the front part of the branch on Sunday after the derby between NEC and Vitesse (0-1).

The concrete of the Goffert Stadium in Nijmegen collapsed under the weight of the jumping Vitesse fans.

Surprisingly, there were no injuries, partly because a container under the branch seemed worse.

The KNVB stated on Monday that it was not responsible for possible imperfections in the construction.

"We are not engineers. The responsibility lies with the clubs and the owners of the stadium, in this case the municipality of Nijmegen," said a spokesperson.

In August 2019, part of the roof of the AZ stadium in Alkmaar collapsed during a storm.

There were no people in the building at the time.

"To be eligible for a license, every professional football organization has to meet a lot of different requirements. Something has changed since the collapsed roof at AZ," says the KNVB spokesperson.

"Club directors and the owners of the stadium must annually confirm in writing that the construction of the stadium is safe. That happened at NEC at the beginning of this year," said the spokesperson, who indicates that the KNVB is part of the Football and Safety steering committee. and has been advocating for a single agency that monitors all football stadiums in the Netherlands for some time.

"Then you have gathered expertise."

The KNVB will monitor whether, for example, football can be played again in De Goffert in two weeks.

Then NEC plays at home against FC Groningen.

"We are considering if the municipality comes with a judgment about safety, because that is not up to us. We are of course involved, as the guardian of football."


Images show fans in the stands after the collapse of the Goffert stadium

Investigation in Goffert stadium started Monday morning

NEC and employees of the Nijmegen environmental service started an investigation into the collapse of the grandstand section at 9:00 am on Monday morning.

The away section is first looked at, possibly afterwards also at the rest of the stadium.

The Goffert Stadium was opened in early 2000, after the old Goffert was demolished.

According to mayor Hubert Bruls of Nijmegen, there has never been an indication in the past 21 years that the stadium is unsafe.

"We all wonder how this could have happened," Bruls said in the

NOS Radio 1 Journaal on



"If we have an explanation for that, we can determine what needs to be done further, also with the rest of the stadium."

The part of the stands collapsed when Vitesse players thanked their fans.

The part of the stands collapsed when Vitesse players thanked their fans.

Photo: Pro Shots

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