After the enthusiasm of Arnhem football fans, some of the stands in the stadium in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, collapsed on Sunday.

After the 1-0 win against NEC Nijmegen, the supporters jumped to the rhythm, whereupon the six to seven lower ranks slumped.

But they were caught by a container below.

According to initial findings, no one was injured, reported the Dutch news agency ANP.

The ranks above remained intact.

After the victory, the Vitesse players hurried in the Goffert Stadium in front of the grandstand with their own fans and hopped on the field, the fans did too - and the stands collapsed.

But that didn't stop fans and players from cheering.

"Fortunately, as far as we know, nobody has been injured," said Nijmegen's mayor Hubert Bruls.

"I want to investigate what happened here as soon as possible." Bruls had watched the game with his colleague from Arnhem.

"As far as I know, there are no injuries," said NEC director Wilco van Schaik, as the public broadcaster NOS reported.

The container that stood under the grandstand prevented worse things from happening.