Vitesse supporters escaped disaster on Sunday when they celebrated the derby victory over NEC (0-1).

During a party with the players, the front part of the branch collapsed.

The concrete of the Goffert Stadium in Nijmegen collapsed under the weight of the jumping Vitesse fans.

As far as is known, no injuries have been reported.

It is still unclear how the grandstand part could have collapsed.

NEC has not yet responded to the incident.

The first Gelderland derby in 4.5 years was decided by a goal from Vitesse striker Nikolai Frederiksen, who scored after fifteen minutes.

The goal was debatable, but the VAR noted that the principal Oussama Darfalou did not make any hands and kept the ball inside.


The Vitesse supporters are over the moon after the victory in the derby, but part of the branch in the Gofferstadion is failing... 🏟⚠️ #necvit


Author ESPNnlMoment of places14: 48 - October 17, 2021

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