In the G1 race "Akihana Award" of horse racing, the 4th most popular Akaitorino Musume won the championship, and the most popular and expected double crown with the Oka Sho was the white-haired "white hair" sodashi in 10th place. bottom.

This year's 26th Shuka Sho was held on a 2000-meter turf course at the Hanshin Racecourse in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture, with 16 horses running.

The 4th most popular Akaitorino Musume took the lead in the last straight line when he was in the middle of the horse group until the middle of the race, and won the championship with a time of 2 minutes 1 second 2.

The second was Fine Rouge and the third was Andvaranaut.

On the other hand, the most popular sodashi with white hair on the whole body was the 10th sodashi, which did not win the double crown with the Oka Sho, which was won in April.

The refund is 890 yen for the 12th win, 1330 yen for the 6-7 frame, 2250 yen for the 12th-14th horses, 4890 yen for the 12th-14th horses, and 9th for the triples. -12th-14th is 4190 yen, trifecta is 12th-14th-9th is 26,410 yen, wide is 12th-14th is 800 yen, 9th-12th is 1030 yen, 9th -14th was 710 yen.

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