The best second half of the club's history was only a few months ago.

Under head coach Markus Anfang, the “lilies” hurried from success to success in the second division.

On Sunday the football teacher was allowed to listen to “You see, Markus, this is how it's done” in a loop.

Because the circumstances surrounding his move to Werder Bremen had annoyed the Darmstadt audience and because his successor Torsten Lieberknecht is fast on the way to a real tribune at Böllenfalltor.

And because the audience enjoyed the moment.

The SVD defeated the big SV Werder Bremen in a convincing manner 3-0, can now understand their home strength as a foundation and climbed to second division rank six.

The promotion ranks are only three points away.

"The whole game I had the feeling that nothing could happen to us," said two-time goalscorer Luca Pfeiffer.

From his point of view, "an extremely determined defensive performance, efficiency and a bit of luck" were the foundations for the coup against the green-whites.

The playing field in the stadium at Böllenfalltor is only exposed to sound from three sides of the grandstand, the main grandstand is still under construction.

But the 13,000 spectators who were re-admitted made a lot of noise.

Carried away by a "lily" eleven, who set the pace right from the start, won duels in a row and, in parts, also impressed playfully.

A hit like a thundering flourish 

Lieberknecht had equipped the midfield center with two offensively thinking professionals: Tobias Kempe and Fabian Schnellhardt (regular Jürgen Gjasula is in Corona quarantine in Albania after his international trip).

But the two also helped so that Werder did not achieve a dangerous goal finish in the first half.

In the Bremen penalty area, the Darmstadt team initially lacked punch.

A promising counterattack (23rd) did not achieve the goal, as did headballs from Philip Tietz (28th and 36th) and Pfeiffer's attempt (31st).

But when everything seemed to have come to an end with a goalless draw at break, Fabian Holland stepped on the half-left side.

The captain's game had previously been riddled with unusual careless mistakes.

But in stoppage time, a defensive defense by former Darmstadt Lars Lukas Mai fell at his feet.

Holland took confidence in his left foot and carried the ball from over 20 meters on the perfect trajectory into the far corner: a hit like a thunderous flourish.

Bremen guest favors

After the change, however, the balance of power changed, the first division relegated found a playful line and pushed the southern Hesse sometimes deep into their own half.

SVD goalkeeper Marcel Schschuhe spectacularly prevented the equalizer in the flight (59th) after his front men in the penalty area had lost control for the first time.

If you can speak of a hit at the right time, then Luca Pfeiffer's in the 65th minute.

The second “Lilien” gate also came as a gift from a former Darmstadt resident.

Nicolai Rapp, like Mai and Coach, migrated to Bremen at the beginning of the summer, afforded a blackout.

His fatal and ultimately game-deciding back pass landed at the foot of Pfeiffer, who shot free in front of the goal.

The sufferings of Mark in the beginning

But the suffering of SVW trainers at the beginning of their old workplace did not end there. Shortly thereafter, a Kempe free kick sailed far into the Bremen six-yard area - and reached Pfeiffer, who scored his second goal (71st). With seven goals this season, he is on the heels of his strike partner Tietz (eight) in the internal shooter ranking. The fact that goalkeeper Schschuhe parried splendidly against SVW striker Marvin Ducksch ensures that the Darmstadt team have an impressive twelve points and (14: 3 goals) after five home games.

The Böllenfalltor got into a splendid party mood. When the team went on the lap of honor, "Lieberknecht" chants echoed through the circle. But it still took a few nudges from sports director Carsten Wehlmann before the gracious SVD head coach then also accepted the parade in front of the applauding fans. Lieberknecht has been at his post for three and a half months and stepped solo to the lap of honor. In his one-year time in Darmstadt, his predecessor Anfang had not been able to experience a single home game with an audience.

Now he heard the full broadside of whistles and chants against him.

Beginning said that he understands when “emotions have to be channeled” and that he will still “keep his time in Darmstadt in good, positive memories”.

Lieberknecht found the moment "difficult" when the fans chanted his name.

“The respect for Markus' work is very strong.

He did an extremely good coaching job here, ”said Lieberknecht.

But because he was “approachable”, as he said, he finally marched off - to the stands at Böllenfalltor, from where the “lilies” are currently met with a lot of encouragement and goodwill.

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