Khalid Choukoud is happy to win the national marathon title in Amsterdam on Sunday.

The Dutchman is now mainly focusing on the World Cup next June in Eugene in the US.

The 35-year-old Choukoud achieved a time of 2 hours 10 minutes and 25 seconds during the 45th edition of the Amsterdam marathon.

He kept his Dutch competitors Benjamin de Haan (2:13.03) and Ronald Schröer (2:13.52) well behind him.

Defending champion Abdi Nageeye was missing.

"And there really would have been more. I ran solo from 28 kilometers. I only went for the championship, wanted to run without pressure. I already have the World Cup limit. That 2:10.25 is great," said Choukoud, who during the olympic marathon in Tokyo with stomach complaints, afterwards against the



Choukoud, who also became national champion in 2016, will mainly focus on the World Cup next year.

"I've already attended twelve European Championships, but never a World Cup. My times this year give me confidence, while I trained less. Maybe it has to do with the birth of my daughter. She gave me strength."

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Van der Meijden: 'It went so well'

Ruth van der Meijden also couldn't believe her luck after winning the national women's title.

The Dutch, who, like Choukoud, was already the best in 2016 and also became national champion for the second time, dethroned Bo Ummels: 2:29.55 at 2:31.51.

"At 35 kilometers I waited for the blow. It did not come. It went so well. I would like to run like this more often," said Van der Meijden, who wants to focus on the European Championship next year.

"The World Cup limit is too sharp, I am focusing on the European Championships (in Munich in August 2022, ed.)."

"I think I can go faster, but I need better preparation for that. I haven't been on an altitude internship now either. I just worked full-time. There is still a step forward if I can do my normal preparation and can take more rest," says Van der Meijden.

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