A workshop of the Japan Sumo Association was held to learn about the dangers of prohibited drugs, and the police officer who served as a lecturer complained to wrestlers and masters that if they tried drugs, they would be instantly deprived of their position. ..

This workshop was held in July by the Japan Sumo Association at the Kokugikan in Tokyo and Japan in response to the issue of Takagenji Satoshi in the former Makuuchi being dismissed after admitting the use of cannabis.

At the workshop, police officers from the department in charge of cracking down on prohibited drugs at the Metropolitan Police Department acted as instructors and explained the dangers and types of drugs.

He complained that sumo wrestlers are a profession that is loved and raised by the people, and that if they take drugs, they will betray the people and lose their position in an instant.

On the 16th, he also learned about precautions when using SNS, and the lawyer who served as a lecturer needs to be prepared to spread at the time of posting.

He explained that if something happened, he might have to pay a big price.

Master Magaki in an innocent suit (former Yokozuna Hakuho)

Former Yokozuna Hakuho Magaki, who retired from active duty last month, also participated in the venue in a fresh suit and listened to the lecture.

Mr. Shibatayama, General Manager of the Sumo Association's Public Relations Department, said, "I want each person to be conscious of prohibited drugs and SNS."

Former Yokozuna Hakuho Magaki was asked by the press, "Did you get used to the suit?" And said, "I'm about to start."

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