Maybe it was an overtaken Malmö captain who stepped out on the ice against Skellefteå on home ice.

Because before a minute was played, Carl Söderberg had pushed the guests' Oskar Nilsson into the rim.

Söderberg had to leave with a match penalty and Nilsson had to be reviewed after a real white penalty.

Nilsson was able to continue playing in the match after the blow.

Sylvegård roasting

The match then?

It was an exciting battle where Marcus Sylvegård long looked to be a three-point hero for the Scanians.

It was he who put both 1-0 and 2-1.

But with two minutes left to play, Joakim Lindström pushed in the equalizer.

But Sylvegård would have the last word.

For the match went to extra time and also penalties where the team initially took turns not to get in the puck.

In the end, Sylvegård stepped in and decided for Malmö who picked up the extra points.