In the major league playoffs, the American League championship decision series began on the 15th, and Red Sox pitcher Hirokazu Sawamura pitched for the first time in the playoffs, hitting one-third innings and scoring one goal.

The Astros won the match with one win.

The League Championship Series will be played in 7 games, and the team that wins 4 will advance to the World Series.

The match in Houston, home of the Astros, was reversed three times with the Red Sox chasing one point and three points with Kike Hernandez's solo home run.

After that, the Red Sox, who allowed the lead again with 3 to 4, pitched the relief pitch with the seventh pitcher Sawamura for the first time in the playoffs in the 8th inning.

Pitcher Sawamura gave a walk to the first batter, a hit before the left to the next batter, and then gave a dead ball to invite a bases loaded pinch. Was spread out and got off the mound.

Pitcher Sawamura hit one-third inning and scored one goal.

In the 9th inning, the Red Sox caught up with Kike Hernandez's second home run in the game by one point, but lost 4-5 and the Astros won one.