Yuki Saito, who will retire from professional baseball and Nippon-Ham only this season, joined the 1st army before the final pitching against Orix on the 17th. I want to put myself out, "he said.

Nippon-Ham Fighter Saito joined the team in the first place in the draft in 2011, and is expected to become a pillar of the pitcher team, such as winning 6 wins in the first season and being overtaken by the opening pitcher in the second year. However, partly due to an injury on his right shoulder, his 11-year professional record was only 15 wins and 26 losses, and he announced his retirement on the 1st of this month.

Pitcher Saito is scheduled to rise to the final mound as a middleman in the Orix match at Sapporo Dome on the 17th, and joined the 1st Army on the 16th.

Pitcher Saito practiced pitching with a bullpen and prepared for pitching on the 17th with a light run and catch ball on the ground.

After the practice, pitcher Saito responded to the interview, saying, "I met some people for the first time in a long time, so I talked about various things, and when I thought that this time was only two days, I felt lonely. I practiced with everyone again today. I'm glad I was a Fighters player. "

He expressed his enthusiasm for the pitching on the 17th, saying, "Because the team is competing for victory, I want to do my best to prepare to be suppressed. I want to show myself as I am."

The game against Orix on the 17th is scheduled to be pitched by pitcher Saito and attracts attention, and the admission ticket is sold out.

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