The 12th day of Ligue 2 was the opportunity for HAC to face Caen, at the Michel-d'Ornano stadium.

The final score of this meeting is 2 to 2. The two teams therefore separated on a tie.

Moulin chose a defensive 4-5-1 for his Caen starting 11, with Mendy leading the way.

Le Guen favored a classic 4-4-2.

Boutaib's team got back to this match.

From the 8th minute of the first half, he deceived the goalkeeper of the opposing team, on a pass from Caleb Zady.

Then, in the 32nd, Mendy found the fault and scored against Les Ciels et Marine.

1-1: it was on this score that the first period ended.

With Chahiri's goal, the Caennais took control of the match in the 58th.

Finally, by scoring the equalizer goal in the 68th, Bâ saved his team from defeat.

Mayembo, Boutaib, Deminguet and Fofana were called to order by the referee.

Despite the draw, Caen rises in the rankings and therefore ends this 12th day in 9th place.

The draw allows Le HAC to take 3rd position in the standings after this 12th day.

Caen and HAC: the next matches

Caen will play against Dunkirk at Marcel-Tribut on October 23 at 7 p.m. for the next day.

Pau will face Le HAC on the same day during the same evening, at the Stade Océane.

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The match in brief: line-up, goals and refereeing

Caen - HAC: 2-2 (1-1 at half-time)

In Caen (Michel-d'Ornano stadium), on October 16, kick-off at 7 p.m.

HAC Coach: Paul Le Guen

Composition of the HAC: Yahia Fofana (30), Pierre Gibaud (27), Ismaël Boura (20), Fernand Mayembo (5), Thierno Baldé (4) [then Arouna Sanganté in the 98th], Amir Richardson (24) [then Abdoullah Ba in the 85th], Victor Lekhal (22), Jean-Pascal Fontaine (7), Jamal Thiaré (14) [then Pape Ibnou Bâ in the 26th], Quentin Cornette (11) [then Nabil Alioui in the 85th], Khalid Boutaib (9) [then Alexandre Bonnet in the 85th]

Coach of Caen: Stéphane Moulin

Composition of Caen: Rémy Riou (1), Aloys Fouda (32), Ali Abdi (25), Jonathan Rivierez (18), Johann Lepenant (12) [then Anthony Gonçalves in the 76th], Jessy Deminguet (8), Prince Oniangue (6), Mehdi Chahiri (26) [then Andreas Hountondji in the 89th], Steve Shamal (23) [then Nuno Da Costa in the 65th], Alexandre Mendy (19), Caleb Zady Sery (10)

Goals: Boutaib (8th), Mendy (32nd), Chahiri (58th), Bâ (68th)

Warnings: Deminguet (78th) for Caen, Mayembo (57th), Boutaib (65th), Fofana (70th) for Le HAC

No player sent off

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