Hello and welcome to the live blog of the Eredivisie.

My name is Menno Waebeke and I will keep you informed about today's five matches.

Have fun!

  • Ninth round 

  • Results:

  • Feyenoord-RKC Waalwijk


  • sc Heerenveen-Ajax


  • Go Ahead Eagles-Heracles Almelo


  • LIVE:

  • PSV-PEC Zwolle


  • Fortuna Sittard-SC Cambuur


PSV-PEC · in 2 days

46 'They have also started the second half in Eindhoven.

Can PSV score in the second half?

Fortuna-Cambuur · in 2 days

46 'The ball rolls again in Sittard.

Let's hope the second half is more spectacular than the first.

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Fortuna-Cambuur · in 2 days

First half stats: 

  • Fortuna Sittard-SC Cambuur

  • Position: 0-0

  • Shots: 3-3

  • Shots on target: 2-1

  • Possession: 47 percent-53 percent

PSV-PEC · in 2 days

First half stats: 

  • PSV-PEC Zwolle

  • Position: 0-1

  • Shots: 16-5

  • Shots on target: 5-1

  • Possession: 71 percent-29 percent

Fortuna-Cambuur · in 2 days


Nothing really happened in the first half and so both teams go to rest with 0-0.

Flemming was the closest, but his shot could hardly be called dangerous either.

PSV-PEC · in 2 days


PEC Zwolle is halfway ahead in Eindhoven and that can be seen as a small miracle.

The visitors took the lead via Redan who scored his second goal of the season.

It was only the third goal of PEC Zwolle this season.

After the opening goal, PSV was very close to the equalizer a number of times, but the crossbar and Kostas Lamprou were always in the way of the Eindhoven team.

PSV-PEC · in 2 days

46' Lamprou again!

And this rescue is a lot prettier!

Gakpo hits hard, but the Greek goalkeeper taps the ball just below the bar.

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PSV-PEC · in 2 days

45' Lamprou's double save!

First Boscagli lashes out, but the Greek goalkeeper reacts well.

Max's rebound even keeps the goalkeeper tight.

A few seconds later, Lamprou is in the way again when Zahavi tries.

PSV-PEC · in 2 days

38' Great solo from Madueke!

The wing attacker rounds three men and is eventually stopped by Strieder.

PSV screams for a penalty, but Kooij waves it away.

PSV-PEC · in 2 days

36 'PSV's storm has died down a bit.

In this phase, the home team does not get any further than some harmless long shots from Sangaré, Van Ginkel and Gakpo.

Fortuna-Cambuur · in 2 days

31 'The first shot on target in the poor opening phase is for Fortuna Sittard.

Flemming lashes out, but Stevens can save the ball very easily.

PSV-PEC · in 2 days

26' Good shot by Cody Gakpo.

The Orange international gets the ball in front of his right and shoots the ball right over Kostas Lamprou's goal.

in 2 days

PSV-PEC · in 2 days

19' Lat! 

The ball really does not want to go in for PSV.

Now it is Zahavi who shoots a cross from Madueke to the bottom of the bar.

PEC Zwolle has so far had an angel on their shoulder.

PSV-PEC · in 2 days

Daishawn Redan scored this week for the Dutch Juniors against Wales and now also makes his second goal in the Eredivisie for PEC Zwolle.

PSV-PEC · in 2 days

14 'The equalizer cannot be delayed for very long.

PSV has a chance at a chance, but the ball does not want to fall well for the Eindhoven residents for the time being.

PSV-PEC · in 2 days

12 'PEC Zwolle escapes again!

A wonderful attack leads via Götze to a scrimmage in the goal mouth of PEC Zwolle.

The ball eventually does not go in via Zahavi, Huiberts and Kersten.

PSV-PEC · in 2 days

9 'Good attack by PSV.

Van Ginkel serves Zahavi, but the striker slides the ball a meter wide of Lamprou's goal.

in 2 days

PSV-PEC · in 2 days

7 'There is also the next opportunity for PEC Zwolle.

Adzic lashes out, but the ball goes over the back line via Boscagli.

PSV-PEC · in 2 days

3' GOAL PEC Zwolle!


PEC Zwolle escaped Zahavi's 1-0 and scored the opening goal in the counterstroke.

Lamprou kicks far out and the ball ends up in front of Redan's feet, who skilfully shoots the 0-1 in.

Eredivisie · in 2 days

Kick off! 

We started this Saturday's two desserts in the Eredivisie in Eindhoven and Sittard!

Fortuna-Cambuur · in 2 days


At Fortuna Sittard, Mats Seuntjens is the man in shape.

The attacker has scored in the past two competition matches for the Limburgers.

At SC Cambuur, star Bangura is missing with a suspension, the left back is replaced by Sambissa.

Line-up Fortuna Sittard:

Van Osch;

Tirpan, Angha, Janssen, Cox;

Flemming, Rienstra, Tekie;

Seuntjens, Sambou, Baghdadi. 

SC Cambuur line-up:


Schmidt, Mac-Intosch, Schouten, Sambissa;

Jacobs, Maulun, Hoedemakers;

Breij, Boere, Kallon.

PSV-PEC · in 2 days


PEC Zwolle coach Art Langeler has opted for a five-man defense against PSV.

In the striker, Adzic and Jong Oranje international Redan must provide the goals. 

Line-up PEC Zwolle:


Pabai, From Polen, Kersten, Nakayama, Paal;

Strieder, Saymak, Huiberts;

Redan, Adzic.

in 2 days

Go Ahead - Heracles · in 2 days


Go Ahead Eagles drags a victory out of the fire with nine men against Heracles Almelo.

The home team took a comfortable 3-1 lead in the second half, but made it exciting with a second blunder from Hahn and the red cards from Botos and Lidberg.

In the end, Go Ahead holds out and even manages to make it 4-2 in the last seconds via substitute Deijl.

The three points remain in Deventer.

Go Ahead - Heracles · in 2 days

99' GOAL Go Ahead Eagles!


It's over in Deventer!

Heracles chases the lead, but in the counter, Go Ahead ends the game.

Deijl gets the ball perfectly from Heijl and can easily push in the 4-2.

The home team will win today!

Go Ahead - Heracles · in 2 days

94 'We are now in extra time, which is no less than nine minutes.

Heracles chases the equalizer against the nine men of Go Ahead Eagles.

Heerenveen-Ajax · in 2 days


Ajax eventually wins 0-2 against Heerenveen in a mediocre match.

The team from Amsterdam took the lead in the first half via Haller.

In the second half, Heerenveen was very close to the equalizer a number of times, but the ball did not fall well.

In the 75th minute, substitute David Neres decides the game with a header after a nice assist from Tadic.

Heerenveen-Ajax · in 2 days

92 'Sturdy intervention by Sven van Beek, who receives the yellow card from Danny Makkelie for this.

The defender catches Timber hard with his shoulder.

Heerenveen-Ajax · in 2 days

89 'There was almost the connection goal from Heerenveen!

Musaba shoots, but the young attacker lacks luck today.

His shot is blocked.

Heerenveen-Ajax · in 2 days

87 'Last substitution at Ajax.

Taylor and Daramy get some more minutes from Erik ten Hag.

They come into the field for Gravenberch and Tadic.

Go Ahead - Heracles · in 2 days

85 'Referee Martens is called to the side for a second time by video referee Mulder.

And for the second time, that results in a

red card

for Go Ahead Eagles.

This time substitute Lidberg puts his elbow hard in Kiomourtzoglou's face.

He can also take a shower early.

Go Ahead Eagles must defend the lead with nine men.

Heerenveen-Ajax · in 2 days

David Neres heads the 0-2 against the ropes.

The Brazilian seems to end the game with this.

Heerenveen-Ajax · in 2 days

80' Double substitution on the side of Heerenveen.

Siem de Jong and Rodney Kongolo come for Nicolas Madsen and Henk Veerman.

Heerenveen-Ajax · in 2 days

77 'Ajax will change again after the second goal.

This match is over for Mazraoui, the right back is replaced by Rensch.

Heerenveen-Ajax · in 2 days

75' GOAL Ajax!


Ajax almost missed the goal of Heerenveen in the second half, but is suddenly 0-2.

Tadic puts the ball in front of Neres, who provides himself with a great running action.

The Brazilian can then head in freely.

Go Ahead - Heracles · in 2 days


Red card

for Botos!

The midfielder of Go Ahead Eagles kicks Fadiga down from behind and is allowed to take a shower.

Heerenveen-Ajax · in 2 days

61 'Heerenveen is increasingly getting the feeling that there is something to be gained against this Ajax.

Both teams will switch.

With the Frisians, Nygren has joined the squad for Van der Heide.

Kudus and Berghuis leave the field at Ajax, they are relieved by Martínez and Neres.

Go Ahead - Heracles · in 2 days

64' GOAL Heracles!


And it's already 3-2!

Warner Hahn makes a mistake again.

The goalkeeper goes under a corner and then Rente shoots the ball into the goal via the same Hahn.

Go Ahead - Heracles · in 2 days

62' GOAL Go Ahead Eagles!


Great attack from the home side.

Córdoba passes the ball well to Brouwers, who takes the pass well and then finishes it off perfectly.

The margin is now two for Go Ahead!

Heerenveen-Ajax · in 2 days

60' Lat!

Veerman delivers a great corner kick to Sven van Beek's head.

The defender heads the ball on the crossbar, Ajax escapes there!

Go Ahead - Heracles · in 2 days

58' GOAL Go Ahead Eagles!


A chaotic goal for the Eagles.

Brouwer goes to the ground and takes goalkeeper Blaswich with him.

The ball eventually lands at Córdoba's feet, who hurls the ball in front of an empty goal.

The pass is eventually run into the own goal by Mats Knoester.

The video umpire reviews the entire situation, but sees no violation.

Go Ahead leads in Deventer!

PSV-PEC · in 2 days


Few surprises in PSV's line-up.

Madueke and Gakpo are both fit enough to kick off.

The latter left the Dutch national team with a head injury, but it turned out not to be too bad.

PSV line-up:


Mwene, Ramalho, Boscagli, Max;

Sangare, Van Ginkel, Gotze;

Madueke, Zahavi, Gakpo.

Heerenveen-Ajax · in 2 days

55 'The first yellow card of this match is for Madsen.

The midfielder is hanging on the shirt of Kudus.

Heerenveen is the better team in this phase of the match.

Heerenveen-Ajax · in 2 days

52' Free shooting opportunity for Sven van Beek!

The central defender has plenty of space, but doesn't hit the ball well enough into the corner.

Pasveer just gets a hand against it.

Heerenveen-Ajax · in 2 days

50 'Another chance for Musaba who is constantly in control at Blind speed.

The wing attacker cuts to his left and lashes out at Pasveer's fists.

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