• The Italo-Brazilian left-hander Emerson Palmieri signed on August 19 at OL as part of a paying loan allowed by his Chelsea club.

  • Before the shock against AS Monaco this Saturday (9 p.m.), the first two months of the double European champion in 2021 are a great success.

  • Like a serious knee injury, in May 2017, the career of the 27-year-old Italian international has not been linear until then.

“Paqueta told me to come without thinking because it is here that he found his football and that he is very happy. So I made a very quick decision and knew it was the right one after talking to him. "Lucas Paqueta's contribution to OL is decidedly monstrous this season. There is of course his individual performances (4 goals and 1 assist in Ligue 1), his role in the return to the foreground of his compatriot Bruno Guimaraes, but also his influence in the arrival of Emerson Palmieri this summer in Lyon. .

Because since the departure of Ferland Mendy from Real Madrid in 2019, OL struggled to find a consistent left side.

Whether it was the Koné-Marçal doublet in 2019-2020, or that formed by Cornet and De Sciglio last season, we were not far from being faced with the chronic weak point of the Lyon workforce.

"There, we are dealing with a pure left-hander and a real specialist in the post, appreciates Jean-Marc Chanelet, OL side defender from 2000 to 2003. He seems to me to be more complete than Cornet and De Sciglio to evolve in this position.


"I already feel at home here"

An impression shared by Antoine, a Lyon supporter, two months after Emerson's arrival in Ligue 1: “Cornet, it was obvious that defensively, it was not his natural position. Each of his mistakes turned into a scoring opportunity. As for De Sciglio, the main concern was in attack, given his very stereotypical playing. There, Emerson doesn't make as much of a difference with the ball as Ferland Mendy. But whatever he does, he does well, in defense as well as in attack. You can be sure he's never going to sink his team. “That was the case once, on September 25 against Lorient (1-1), but his expulsion very early in the match (14th) was mainly due to a strange referee decision by Bastien Dechepy.

For the rest, the 27-year-old Italo-Brazilian side has shown great efficiency during his seven other starts with OL, to which must be added a precious goal (with the right foot moreover) against Troyes ( 3-1).

“My adaptation was very fast thanks to the players and the staff, summarized the person concerned last month.

I already feel at home here.

An express integration for the one who had just won in a month and a half two of the most prestigious titles in the world of football, the Champions League with Chelsea and the Euro with the Italian selection.

The first goal of @ emersonpalmieri with OL, right foot please.


To re (see) the summary or the match in full 👉 https://t.co/IWUofKrWkc pic.twitter.com/fr52rgTlH4

- Olympique Lyonnais (@OL) September 23, 2021

A "priority purchase option" slipped into this one-year loan by OL

“Emerson has an impressive track record [he also has a Europa League in 2019 with Chelsea], recalled Jean-Michel Aulas on his arrival.

It's a big surprise and a huge satisfaction to have him at OL today.

We also have the possibility of positioning ourselves and of being a priority following this loan.

"Because in addition to this paying loan of one year (500,000 euros + 500,000 € maximum bonus), Lyon may have smelled the good move by including a" priority purchase option "during the transfer window 2022.

The one who claims to have been marked by the "effervescence of the stadium" in Lyon in 2017, while playing at AS Roma (round of 16 first leg in the Europa League, won 4-2 by OL), started his professional career at 17 with Santos, working alongside Neymar until his departure for Barça in 2013. Exile in Europe took place a year later for Emerson, with Palermo and then AS Roma.

"He is very Brazilian in his game"

“We had already heard of his potential in Palermo but he exploded with AS Roma in 2016-2017, decrypts Guillaume Maillard-Pacini, journalist specializing in Italian football for Eurosport. His offensive qualities were obvious and his profile then stood out quite a bit in Serie A. He is very Brazilian in his game, as well as in his culture, but he was immediately adopted in Italy, even before being adopted with the Nazionale [from September 2018]. Unfortunately, he suffered this cruciate ligament injury during Totti's last game against Genoa [3-2, May 28, 2017]. It was as if he had been cut in mid-flight, and from there his history with Roma was complicated. "

He still brings back to the Roman club a tidy transfer fee (20 million euros + 9 million €) by joining Chelsea in January 2018. Certainly, with the Blues, he has only 22 tenure in the Premier League in three years and half, despite a versatility between left back and left midfielder.

But having Marcos Alonso and Ben Chilwell as competitors at the post is slightly more fierce than a Henrique Silva this season.

Decisive passer on the opening scoring of Olivier Giroud in the 2019 Europa League final (4-1 against Arsenal), Emerson Palmieri especially had his heyday this summer by playing the last three choppy matches of the Italy at the Euro, including the half and the final as a starter.

"Not a player who will create problems for you when he is not playing"

“Leonardo Spinazzola was obviously the holder of the Euro until his injury, but Emerson was not unworthy when he played, recalls Guillaume Maillard-Pacini. He is reliable and even accomplished today. Roberto Mancini loves his state of mind, his involvement and his professionalism. He is not a player who will cause problems for you when he is not playing. It's definitely a good move for OL. "Still, the left foot of this former futsal practitioner, praised by Juninho during the presentation of the player to the press, and his supposed offensive skills, has so far resulted in a statistical record of only 5 goals and 6 assists in 135 matches (in all competitions) since arriving in Europe seven years ago.

What if @OL had found @ Juninhope08's successor as a free kick expert?


Peter Bosz's (surprising) response to @OLIVETALLARON and the reason why this "specialist" has not yet revealed himself ...

"Signé Tallal" tomorrow before #OLASM on Canal + Décalé 📺 pic.twitter.com/1UwL9fGwa7

- Canal Football Club (@CanalFootClub) October 15, 2021

To believe Peter Bosz, interviewed this week by Canal +, it is in part linked to the fact that he is "too nice": "He was designated the number one free kicker because he is in my opinion the best in the world. team in this area.

But when the time comes in the game, Paqueta takes the ball away from him and Emerson lets him do it ”.

The confidence is strong: Lucas Paqueta may not be the perfect man in the end.


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