The IOC = International Olympic Committee held a board meeting in Greece on the 16th, saying that the test competition being held for the Beijing Olympics in February next year "has received positive evaluation from athletes all over the world". I showed the response toward the production.

The IOC = International Olympic Committee held a board meeting in Athens, Greece on the 16th to discuss the progress of the test tournament being held in China for the Beijing Olympics, which will start in February next year. ..

The test tournament will start from the international speed skating tournament on the 8th of this month, and will be held at the same venue as the actual event by inviting more than 2000 athletes and related parties from Japan and overseas until the end of December. Identify the issues of.

At a press conference held online after the board of directors, IOC Director Kit McConnell said of the test tournament, "The measures against the new corona are very strong. Athletes have unanimously received positive evaluations and the competition. The momentum for the Beijing Olympics is increasing in the organizations surrounding the Olympics, "he said.

As a countermeasure against infection of the new corona of the Beijing Olympics, the audience should already be limited to residents of mainland China, the movement of participants should be restricted to places related to the Games, and the new corona should be inspected every day during the period. Etc. have been decided.

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