• PSG won on a wire against Angers on Friday night.

  • The Parisians snatched the victory at the very end of the match after a contentious penalty converted by Mbappé.

  • For the Angevins, Icardi should have been sanctioned at the start of the action for a fault on Romain Thomas, but the referees decided otherwise.

At the Parc des Princes,

There could not have been a better plea for the - one - time - reinstatement of the death penalty than this match between PSG and Angers on Friday evening.

But don't worry, Badinter is talking about the death penalty against the VAR and only against the VAR.

It's not complicated, we had in just a few seconds a digest of all the absurdity of this technology supposed to push injustice away from the football fields.

Finally, we are harsh against it all the same because, ultimately, what is VAR if not cameras placed all around the field?

No, what we castigate today are the men behind and their interpretation of the images sent back by the management.

On Friday, they literally outdid themselves.

Icardi, not seen, not taken?

We rewind: we play the 83rd minute of this PSG-Angers when Marco Verratti alerts Kylian Mbappé on the left side in the idea of ​​seeing the French cross for Icardi. At the same time, said Mauro Icardi, who is in a duel with Romain Thomas, ostensibly hooks his arm to gain the upper hand and shoot full axis in the hope of regaining Kyky's ball with his head.

The Argentinian finally managed to cross his ball but the ball seemed countered by Pierrick Capelle's arm, which allowed Bernardoni to capture the leather without difficulty. At the time, everyone protested - the Angevins claimed a fault from Icardi, the Parisians the hand of the Angevin defender - but the game continued. It was only a few minutes later, when the SCO was on the verge of punishing PSG a second time against, that the referee stopped the match and went to his screen, a priori on the advice of his assessors. loaded the video.

Romain Thomas: “VAR is starting to tire me.

We put millions in something, we don't even know how to use it.

It annoys me because I'm passionate and dedicated, I pay attention to what I do.

Icardi's fault at the start of the action, he pulls my arm!

»#PSGSCO pic.twitter.com/6m7MZldUpo

- Instant Foot ⚽️ (@lnstantFoot) October 15, 2021

The rule is clear in this case: a referee is authorized to go to see the images if and only if there is a doubt about a possible penalty which would have been forgotten. From our press gallery, we say to ourselves that Mr. Dechepy will immediately notice the flagrant fault of Parisian number 9 at the start of the action and resume the match. "There is a fault before!" “, We hear from the bench of the SCO. Nay! He points to the penalty spot, accompanied on his way by furious Angevins who pinch themselves to believe it.

But rather than our personal opinion, let us rather listen to that of the Angevins, who risk having nightmares the next nights. At the final whistle, Romain Thomas was stunned: “It's incredible what's happening. Losing here is not a shame but like that no, it is impossible. We work all week to do something clean. It is abnormal that they do not take the referees' time. VAR is starting to tire me this story. We put millions in there, we don't even know how to use it. It bothers me. Me, I am passionate, dedicated, I pay attention to what I do. There, Icardi was fouled at the start of the action, he pulled my arm, I fell and, afterwards, he played from his position to get the penalty. I'm frustrated. "

As a referee there are little unwritten markers that help in the decision, and if Icardi passes someone in the race there is bound to be a fault.

- Hugo Hélin (@helinhz) October 15, 2021

"I feel anger and incomprehension"

For the SCO defender, the referees committed a professional misconduct by refusing to check the gesture of the former Inter player. “Before he comes to see the VAR, I take the time to tell him [for Icardi's fault]. I'm not talking about [Capelle's] head and hand, I'm talking about before: he takes advantage of the situation he has with me at the start to be ahead of the defenders. The referee tells me that it has been checked. It's not true, it's not true, it's a lie, he belches. It's okay, it's over now, Paris has its three points and we will work to beat Saint-Etienne. But I'd rather take five and have them spin us through the game than lose 2-1 like that. "

A few minutes later, at a press conference, the anger of the Angevins had barely subsided.

“There is a great feeling of injustice, it hurts.

I feel anger and incomprehension, said Gérald Baticle in the auditorium of the Park.

It's really hard to lose like that.

Against PSG, you have to be 100% collectively, but the VAR must also be used correctly.

However, the VAR corrects 80% of the errors but when you are in the 20% it hurts… ”.


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